“Praying Hands”

I remember many years ago visiting my parents back East in Moorestown, New Jersey where they moved to, to live out the rest of the years of their lives, and I remember in my Mother and Father’s kitchen that was always painted yellow they had this beautiful pencil drawing of two hands situated in a prayerful pose. There were two beautifully weathered hands put together praying, and it always stuck in my mind even after I had come home, and Mommy and Daddy had passed, and their belongings were stored somewhere. Whenever I would have visions and or thoughts of them I would always think about that kitchen painted yellow with that beautiful pencil art painting in it.

That piece was given to them by my cousin, the artist Michelle Thomas Holt, and it was and it made quite an impression on me. It seems that prayer always, and praying always seems to be something that we need even more so later on in life, than we think we need earlier in life. To see two beautifully weathered hands doing what they do best in that position it was just, it was just beautiful. I remember thinking to myself wow, you know my memories of my Mother and Father are so firmly presented in my mind and I think about them often and many times it is with love and kindness that those memories circulate in my mind, and I think about during those times, did I pray as much as I pray now?

Did I receive prayer as much as I am receiving it now, praying hands. Two hands put together, and showing the love and obedience that they provide by speaking the words thank you God for this. For these two hands pressed together in a prayerful pose allow me to thank you for how much you have given, allow me to thank the World for all that I am receiving, and allow me to remember how amazingly humble we all are for all the gifts that we receive along this way. Praying hands, whether they be beautifully weathered or hands that are supple and still young from the dew of life, they are asking, and receiving, and disseminating how much love they have in their heart for the Source that provides them with love as well.

No, I don’t recall praying much when I was visiting my Mother and Father during that time or during those times, and I don’t recall prayer being a big basis of my life as it is now. But I do recall my Mother who was very very spiritually religious. I do recall her saying prayers on her rosary beads; and many times she may have been speaking in Latin but she was always praying for all of us. So now we go fast forward so many years and one of my amazing gifts that I like to give myself is period of prayer, putting my hands together sitting down somewhere silently, or sometimes laying down, or maybe on my knees, I am saying thank you God for once again you have answered the prayers that have been asked of you.

And once again you have bestowed upon the prayers’ the blessings that help us all, praying hands. We thank you God for this opportunity to share a bit of our own life with so many others, to let them know that sometimes the memories that are strongest in your memory bank are those that at first may have seemed so small and trivial but those are the thoughts that have stayed and resonated with you later on in life. The painting of the praying hands, I wonder where that painting is that was my parents; but wherever it is I pray that it is somewhere safe, and being displayed so that the World can see just how important prayer really is in your life and in our lives. I thank God for being able to pray, I thank God for the benefits that prayer provides, and I thank the Heavenly Spirit for all this love that is in my heart, for all these memories that I continually am able to play in my memory bank and all these good times that keep coming to mind. I thank you God for all these things, and for all these things, we say in prayer, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

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