“Pray, Pause, Prosper”

Good day Blessed Ones, it has been a couple of days since we have spoken to each other, and I have been thinking a lot about things that have happened to me within just these last two months; and I have been filled with such an awakening of what it feels like to truly trust your life, and your concerns to the Heavenly Spirit. As we all begin the arrival of this Fall season, and as the holidays are vastly approaching us, I have found myself more than not praying, pausing, and then feeling the prosperity of what those prayers have been blessed with.

We are always in a state of prayer, and as we pray for a life to be free of this or that, or as we pray for a time of sacred silence, and love for all man and woman kind; it is always amazing to also remember that with each and every prayer, we are also prospering not only ourselves but others with the grace, joy, and love of the Heavenly Spirit in their lives and our lives as well. I will never forget as a child how I would pray and pray that I would not die in my sleep, because as a child we are always afraid of the unknown, and even sometimes the known if it is presented to us in a certain way.

But as I grew up, and as I became an elder within my own spiritual life; I began to realize that to pray for something like that which will eventually happen, is not getting the most out of a prayer that I am sending out into the Universe and to my Heavenly Father. I want to send out into the World a prayer that will not only bless me and those that I love, but it will also bless those that I don’t know, and those that don’t know me. So here is my prayer for today, “I pray that the love that the Heavenly Spirit has for all of us, is exactly the love that we feel and shall have for our own brothers and sisters within the World and our communities.”

I will then pause, and rest assured that this prayer will be one that is answered and fulfilled, because that is what I envision this World to receive. And then I will sit back, and watch the prosperity come from all of those individuals who are blessed with the prayer of love in their lives, and the love of their fellow man and woman. And, by sending out this prayer of love out into the World, I am prospered with the warmth and love of my heart being given to each and every one of you. We pray, we pause, and then we prosper; what a blessing that is to be given to each and every single individual on this planet.

Let’s take this time to say an affirmation to solidify this feeling of love for the World. “We affirm that the Heavenly Spirit is moving within each and every person in this World; and that everyone that is within our vision, and within our view, is given this prayer of love and life; that everyone that is in need of love in their life today is given this amazing warmth in their soul, and that everyone that needs the touch of the Heavenly Spirit within their heart is given that touch today, for today we pray, we pause, and we see all of us prosper in the unending and everlasting love of the Heavenly Spirit in our lives, and so it is”. God bless you all,

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