“Pray about it”

Dear Heavenly Father, I have been thinking that I don’t spend enough time in prayer with you. I’m not spending enough time in prayer; so when I have a concern, or issue, or a challenge that I feel that is just too much for me to figure out myself, I need to pray about it, I need to sit with you my Father about it. I need to sit with you my Father, and just pray about it, and put it in your hands, and then sit back and rest assured that it will divinely be taken care of.

Lord, there is this one thing I just feel so adamant about, and that is that I realize that something new and something different is coming on the horizon, and I’m not going to shriek back from it, I am going to be open and accept it, whatever it may be. The journey that we have begun on, the journey that we have started, and this journey that will eventually come to an end; I want to enjoy the journey, I want to continue to walk down this road with you Lord in my life, and I want to experience the visitations of what all I need to learn along the way.

I want to visualize my story; I want to create a visualization of my story, and I want to be able to get up in front of people and tell them that in the beginning I didn’t know what I wanted to do, nor did I know what I wanted to be, but I figured it out because the Heavenly Father said to me, here is a gift for you. Let me give you a gift, let me give you my love, let me open up your mind, and let me give you a gift; a gift that we are all given. Every one of us is given a gift from the Heavenly Spirit, and a lot of times we don’t realize what the gift is until our time has come and gone, and we just didn’t realize what that gift was. We feel something is different, we feel something is trying to be expressed and impressed out of us into this World, but we don’t know what it is.

Instead of sitting down, and sitting in the silence, and praying for the illumination so that the gift can be revealed to us, we are kept in the dark by our own selves. We are kept in the dark by our own selves, and never able to truly realize the gift that we had been given. We are all given a gift, and that’s why I enjoy praying, I have to pray; and it’s not a begging prayer that I say to my Father, and it is not a scornful prayer that I say to my Father about how worthless and unworthy that I am to receive whatever this wonderful gift is, that is not the prayer that I am giving out.

The prayer that I am giving out is the prayer of Lord I am so grateful, and so thankful that you have blessed me. The prayer that I am giving out is, Lord I want to thank you for the gifts and all the responsibilities that come along with those gifts because I am so appreciative, and Lord you have made me so worthy. The prayer that I am talking about is a prayer affirming to the Heavenly Father that yes Lord, I see them, I see the gifts that you have given me, and yes Lord, I will use them divinely for what they are to be a representative of.

The gifts of the Heavenly Spirit that have been bestowed upon us, are the gifts that we are to use for the betterment of this World. Don’t sit back and miss the gift that you have been given, don’t sit back and realize that that is what that was, and let the train go without you; don’t sit back and think that just because you have never ever dreamed, you could have never imagined this before about yourself, but now oh my God, the thought has come to your mind, and God has given you a gift. God has given you a notion of how to use that gift, and you are being given information being relayed to you from your G.P.S. system, your “God Positioning System”, and you need to listen and work on it right away.

Pray about it, and take your time to sit, and reflect with the Heavenly Father; and, to thank him for all the blessings that you are given, and let Him know I feel what you are trying to say to me, I understand Lord you want to give my something, and I say Lord thank you, and I open up my arms, and I accept and I receive completely and fully the gifts. You are here to receive your gifts, you are here to be given your amazing gifts, for there is no other reason in this World that you are, than to have been created and birthed to receive your gifts.

And as I learned this weekend by opening up, and sharing my story with so many others, was that my story was one that could be shared, that my story was one that could be helpful, and from that I realized that we all have a story; we all have a story, and our story may be one that we felt wasn’t necessary to share, but our story, it could also be rewrote, and re-framed into something that at one time was thought of to be a negative point along our journey, it is now a positive asset, that has made us who we are, and it is glorious, our story it is glorious.

Look at your story, look at your gifts, and thank the Heavenly Father for showing you all you can be by relying and leaning on him in prayer for all that you need; thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is . Amen and amen, God bless you all

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