“Planting seeds of positive thoughts”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; I am planting seeds of positive thoughts, planting seeds of positive reactions and planting seeds of positiveness in my life.  I love this particular saying “planting seeds of positive thoughts” and by planting those seeds I am allowing into my life, into my existence, into my experience on my spiritual journey.  What I am allowing into this period of mine are only thoughts that are pleasing, only thoughts that are of love, kindness, faith and all good things, planting seeds of positive thoughts.  What a beautiful, beautiful affirmation, to plant seeds of positive thoughts, to plant seeds of goodness, to plant seeds of anything that will do good in this world, what a positive, what a positive existence, what a beautiful experience, what an amazing illumination.

I so enjoy reading the Daily Word every day, the Daily Word that comes from Silent Unity.  It is an amazing little booklet filled with all good things from affirmations and spiritually inspired expressions, to stories from people like you and I who just feel so touched by the Heavenly Spirit that you have to share that feeling with others.  Every day I read the Daily Word, and every day I find something that I can pull out of what I read, or something that I read pulls out of me something that needs to be said, something that is so amazingly beautiful, something amazingly positive.  And isn’t that what we all want in our lives, something positive, something meaningful, something that brings us such hope that we can take it upon ourselves to say yes, today will be better than yesterday.  And yes tomorrow is even looking better than the day before that.

I just find it exhilarating to be happy, I find it so much easier these days; and even though some days, some days it is hard, those are the days when you plant the seeds extra deep because you want to bring out that positive thought, you want to bring out that positive existence, you want to bring out from you something positive so that when you interact with others that is what they see and feel as well.  You are planting the seeds of positive thoughts, planting the seeds of goodwill, planting the seeds of love and kindness, planting the seeds of compassion.  It doesn’t take a genius to understand that what you put in your thoughts and your mind, will be what comes out.  And what you put in should be so pleasing should be so positive should be so amazingly beautiful that what comes out is just what it is that went in, but what goes out is even more powerful because you were able to share thatbeautifulness with others.

Many times I think about my parents, and I think about how they loved me so deeply by adopting me, by giving me a life that I felt was just so amazing.  But yet there were times when they too had problems trying to find a positive thought, and don’t we all.  But they realized like we realized today that tomorrow is going to be a better day. Whatever you are experiencing today let’s leave it in this day, because as you wake up this next beautiful morning it’s going to be a better day, it’s going to be a more enlightening day, it’s going to be more of an uplifting day, it is going to be a day that brings about positiveness into your life.  Plant the seeds and plant them deep, let the water, what water we have let it get deep within the soil and let it bring out from those seeds something that is so meaningful, something that is so needed, something that is so necessary, something that is so much a part of you that it just has to be showed out into this world and given out today as well.

I see for you as I see for myself a day of great prosperity, a day of great love and a day of great peace and happiness.  Plant the seeds today, plants the seeds of good thoughts today and see what happens.  And I wish for you as I wish for myself that the harvest of those good thoughts, that the harvest of those good thoughts will be just what we had imagined them to be a blessing to us, a blessing to this world, and a blessing to so many others.  And for these things for these amazing blessings, for these amazing knowing’s for these amazing ideals, we say thank you Heavenly Father for your love, we say thank you Heavenly Father for this day, we say thank you our Father for planting the thoughts that are good into the soil that will bring about the goodness that is so needed in our lives and so it is, Amen and amen

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