“Peace be unto you, peace be unto you”

Peace be unto you, peace be unto you; Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; the words peace be unto you, continue to swirl around in my mind as I think about the peace I feel within myself, the peace I exhibit out into the world, and the peace that finds its way into my heart, peace be unto you.  I feel no anger, I feel no trouble, I feel no emotions of unrest for I am at peace with the Lord, I am at peace with myself, I am at peace with my circumstances, I am at peace.

And as I continue to feel this overwhelming experience of calmness, this feeling of understanding, this joyful feeling of clarity, it is peace that allows my mind to rest and my heart to surrender to all that is here for me to experience.  Let there be peace in this land, let there be peace in your homes, let there be peace in your relationships, let there be peace in your minds.  Find within yourself the peace that you so desire to share with this world, and share that amongst yourselves, share that peace amongst your peoples, amongst your tribesmen, amongst your flock, share that peace of the Lord, peace be unto you.

I thank you Father for the overwhelming peace you have given me in my life.  I thank you Heavenly Spirit for the peace that I feel amongst my bosom; and, I say had I not followed you my Father, had the words of yours not touched my heart, had the peace of your existence not shadowed my soul, I would not be where I am today, peaceful and enjoying the peace of your love in my life.  Exhibiting peace out into the world, sharing my peace with others, peace be unto you, and for these things, for these feelings, for these actions, for these unwavering exhibitions of peace we say, thank you God for the peace of mind, thank you God for the peace of spirit, thank you God for peace in this land, thank you God for the peace within our souls, and so it is, Amen and amen, peace be unto you.


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