Peace Be Unto You

Let’s take this time to prepare ourselves for meditation, take a deep breath in and then let it out. Breathing in all the cleansing pure air of God. We take another deep breath in and we let it out, another deep cleansing breath of all that is good and positive in our lives at this time. Everything that is working in our betterment and in our Good we have taken into our lungs, and blew out any and all thing that do not serve us or provide us with positivity in our lives at this time.

So as we continue to prepare ourselves for meditation, we sit back in our chair with the spine of our backs firmly resting against our chair, and just relax and open yourself up to experiencing this very special time that you are having with God and yourself. You close your eyes and you continue to breathe deeply and slowly, and you begin to relax and you begin to feel your entire body slowly relaxing from the bottom of your feet, feeling relaxed to your ankles, to your calves all relaxing slowly, your knees, your thighs, your hips, your pelvis, going up up your body the cool relaxing feeling of surrender; surrendering yourself to all that is not working, to all that is peaceful, to all that is not conducive to your nature.

As you continue to relax you see with your mind’s eye, yourself sitting in the middle of four walls; you are surrounded by four walls, one in front of you, one behind you, and one on both sides of you. And these four walls have embraced you in a cocoon of pure peace and quiet as you are in this warm environment; you hear only sounds and musings that are pleasant to your ears. Each of your senses are ignited with a feeling that they are feeling peaceful. Your nose smells fragrances of long past, fragrances of freshly cut grass, fragrances of your Mother’s perfume, fragrances that were always so important in your mind, reminded you of a simpler time.

Your ears hear sounds of birds chirping, and of roaring waterfalls in the distance, your eyes though they are closed, they see distant lands where everything is flowing, as the water is flowing from a waterfall, the ground is green and rolling hills of meadows and fields are displayed. And the taste sensation is also experiencing something different as well. You have a taste of pure honey sweet in your mouth as it rolls around on your tongue and continues to go down your throat with just the right amount of stickiness. Yes, you are experiencing peace, peace be unto you, peace in this world, peace in your home, peace in your mind, peace be unto you.

And as you continue to feel these feelings of peace, of warmth, of love, of understanding what all these things mean to you. You begin to see in your mind’s eye writing in the sky, and in the sky the writing says, “to you I bring peace, peace be unto you.” You see it again, “to you I bring peace, peace be unto you,” and as you begin to go into the silence of this moment, of this time think to yourself “peace I bring to you, peace be unto to you, as you go into the silence….………


Yes, peace, peace, peace as you experience this word over and over in your mind, you see what peace truly means, you see what peace truly feels like, you experience within yourself peace, peace unto you. As we begin to gravitate back to this time and place, we will never forget peace, and we will never forget what peace has brought to us. May the love of God always, and in all ways bring you to a place of peace, peace, peace be unto to you, peace. Amen and amen.

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