“Peace Be Still”

Peace be still my child is what I hear you telling me my Heavenly Father. Peace be still and know that I am the Lord, you say to me. So I rest my mind, and I quiet my thoughts, and I wait for the stillness of my breath and the silence of the air as I wait to hear the soft small voice of loving words echo in my mind. Peace be still my child, you tell me. Peace be still, as we communicate with each other today my Father; I hear what you are saying to me, and I understand that your love for me is constant, your love for me is continuous, your love for me is always there and always present. You, my Heavenly Father, are always there for me, and I am always waiting for your words of comfort, for your words of enlightenment, as I wait for your words.

It would be a remiss, untrue, and me being not true to myself, if I were to say to you that I am always sure of the roads you want me to travel my Father. Sometimes I question the outcome, and sometimes, I have the audacity to think that maybe, just this one time I may know the way myself; that maybe just this once, I can solve all the challenges, and all the concerns by myself, but then it happens, and as I try to solve the multitude of concerns, the multitude of challenges, and the worries by myself, and as I take a moment to look down on the ground, and low and behold, there I see your footprints, dear Sweet Spirit; and I realize that I have not been on my own during these times of trials; you, you have always been there for me, with me, following me and guiding me, even when I may have said often Lord, I have this one myself dear Sweet Spirit. As the constant parent always looking after their child, you have never left my side.

Peace be still, and know that I am the Lord; and as you have said those words to me, over and over again in my mind. I must say to you, yes my Father, I will rest and take this and all times to let you take care of these concerns; yes my Father I will step aside, and put these concerns on the altar for you to address and solve; and yes my Father, I will break away from the worries, concerns, and challenges of the world and understand once and for all that you will handle all of this for me. So I will be still, and rest assured that my Heavenly Father will love me, that my Heavenly Father will protect me, and that my Heavenly Father will prepare a life for me that is so worth living; for I am your child, I am your baby, and I are your gift to shine out into this world.

Thank you Father, for all you have done for me, thank you Father, for all you have taught me, and thank you Father, for all you have given us all and so it is. Amen and amen, and God bless you all

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