Dear Father God we are so grateful and so thankful for this day. Lord we are thankful that we woke up another day, we are thankful that another breath was taken in and out of our lungs, and we are thankful for all that has been done for us, through us, and to us.

Lord today is payday, the day that we receive the fruits from the labors that we have sown. Today is payday, the day that we look forward to every month, as we receive the monetary energy (money) that we use to pay our investments (bills) so that our investments (bills) can continue to prosper. As our investments become less and less, and our capital becomes more and more, we began to realize that our life is an Accountants Balance Sheet with credits and debits that are always receiving and are always depleting.

We receive the credit and the monetary energy that we need to take care of our investments, and we debit from that monetary energy the investments that need to be paid. There is never any time in our life that we do not feel that an investment is necessary or needed for our betterment. Monetary energy what many people call money is what we call monetary energy, an energy source that allows us to contribute towards the debits and the credits of our lives. It is never anyone’s intention to become rich once they set out on their journey of self-actualization to realize their dream.

Their dream is always to be comfortable, their dream is always to be satisfied, and their dream is always to be fulfilled in a financial way. But the Heavenly Father’s dream for you is for you to be prosperous, for you to live abundantly, and for you to feel and sense prosperity in your life and in your actions. Though you may not be able to accomplish all the feats that you have destined for yourself in your bucket list, the things you have accomplished are quite monumental. When you look at your pluses and your minuses of your life, do you see the pluses filled with prosperous abandonment, and do you see the minuses subtracted but still containing some essence of prosperity as well?

Your life is like a Balance Sheet with the credits and debits of what is needed in your life; the yin and the yang, the good and the bad, the yes and the no, the rain and the sunshine. I want to experience it all Lord, I want to experience the most brilliant of sunny days; I want to experience the most amazing rainbows of color as the rain comes and takes away all of the dreariest and all of the pain, and brings forth a rainbow of sunshine that elevates my heart and my mind to a station where just the thought of a cloudy day would not even enter my realm of thinking.

Yes I want to experience all the ramifications of what a life well-lived looks like. I want to experience all of the illumination that a light flickering flickering in the distance than becomes a brilliant torch as you get closer to feel the brilliant and amazing energy that a life reveals once it has been ignited with the fire of passion. The credits and debits, the pluses and the minuses, the yin and the yang of life; and as I begin to take myself back into my own place and space, and as I begin to see that it is all necessary, it is all required, it is all revealing, and it is all my life, and I look forward to this and every payday for it is my Balance Sheet with you my Heavenly Father. And so it is, amen and amen. God bless you all

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