“Only by finding the Love within us, can we provide the Love that will save this World”

So this past week has been one of ups and downs, and Good and not so Good; but whatever we feel about things that we experience and that we are forced to accept in this World, in our Communities, and in our Lives. There is always one way that we can make the celebration or even the burdens seem to be just what they are an experience to once again, find the love, find the love; and find ourselves, and find within ourselves what that love means to us and to so many others.

I woke up this morning with pain in my legs that I could not explain why it was there. And then it dawned on me that I have been doing so much running lately, running from this place to that place, trying to be for myself and others all that I can be in the name of love, in the name of all that is Good in my life, and in the name of God. But as I find myself helping others, and finding ways to expand myself along the way, I also find within myself ways to show the world that only by finding the love within us, can we provide the love that will save this World.

Finding the love in my interactions with others allows me to always see them and myself as a missionary of Love; I am here and you are here to see that together we can make a difference, if that difference begins and ends with love. I am not here to say that this will be the first intention that you feel in your heart when you wake up each and every morning; but, I do feel that by working on that as being what we want to be our first and every thought when we come into contact with each other; maybe that will allow us to be less frightened of each other, maybe that will allow us to be more tolerant of each other, and maybe just maybe that will allow us to see each and every color of the persons that we meet as the beautiful colors of the rainbow that God has brought to light, because that is exactly what we all are.

A beautiful color, on the color spectrum wheel that assures us all the love of God in our lives, and the love of self within ourselves. Only by finding the love within us, can we provide the love that this World needs so deeply, to be one that works for us all, as well as one that benefits us all as well. Take this day to find it within your own heart to love yourself first, and then to shine that love out into the World to someone or something that may need it so desperately; and by doing this, maybe we can not only save ourselves, but maybe we can work toward the big goal of saving this planet, and showing each and every young and old soul on this planet, that we see love as the only answer to all of our problems, we see love as the only reason that we should all be here in the first place, and that we see love as the only emotion that God wants us to have for one another.

Can we do this; can we take the words of God to heart and love each other, so that we can make this place the Heaven on Earth that it was truly meant to be. I know that is the mission that I have signed up for today; will you take up this cause with me, and allow yourself to see this World healed, to allow yourself to see this World in a better place than it has ever been before; all due to the love that we show ourselves and the love that we show to each other, for this and so much more, we say in thanks giving, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is. God bless you all

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