“Once upon a choice”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; once upon a choice I decided to live my life the way it was meant to be lived.  Once upon a choice I decided that the greatest event to happen in my life was the date and time that I was swept away with the love of the Heavenly Spirit in my life.  Now for many that may seem to be kind of confusing when I have said once upon a choice.  But for me and for what I believe we are always given choices in our lives and it is not always what we do in regards to those choices, as much as it is how we allow ourselves to take advantage of the choices that we are given, and given the choices that we chose are they the best choices for us.

Let me explain, as a young girl before I became a more educated woman; and, during those formative years never did I once think about the choices that I would make and how those choices would affect my life later on in my years.  Nor did I think of how those choices may affect the lives of others as I continued on my journey of life.  Yes, it is not always you who are affected by your choices, as much as we would like to think.  We many times can and do also include other individuals within our lives on those good or bad choices that we make.

Take for example the choice to live your life as if you are the only one alive.  Meaning what if you decide that your life, your immediate life means more to this world than anyone else’s.  I mean what if your life is one that is constantly and consistently rotating around you and you alone.  Would that not be a life that is so centered on you and your wants and your needs that it does not even allow the life or lives of others to be considered?  And what if because of these feelings that you have for yourself and yourself alone, how will those feelings affect the lives of others?  How will it affect the lives of those who have loved you and who do love you, because they see you as someone who is so self-centered that a life shared with you is really not a life shared at all.

So we begin to see that our lives are not the story tale fable of once upon a time.  No, not at all they should and have always begun with once upon a choice. Once upon a choice I decided that my life meant more to me, by being more to others.  By living a life that was obedient and blessed with the constraints of moderation and due diligence instead of spontaneity and pure selfishness.  Yes I decided that my once upon a choice was going to enable me to see life for what I have always wanted it to be.  One that was and has been filled with the constant and consistent love from the Heavenly Spirit; as well as one that enables me to be of service to others who have always been of service to me.

How amazing does it feel to want to help others?  Wonderful and the truly amazing part is that by helping others you are also helping yourself by showing those around you that you are a servant to the Lord, by being a servant to so many others who need and care for this planet as well.  Let’s take the time to spin that fairy tale life of yours that you have in such a way that you are able to share with others the utmost goodness that shines within you out into this world.  Shine out for others just what it feels like to want to see for themselves a world that allows all of us, and I mean all of us to truly and fully be free, by being truthful to ourselves, by being conscious of the choices that we make from this day forward.

And then and only then can we all truly say that once upon a choice, I chose to live a life that I am so proud of, by living a life that I feel is so full of the love of God at all times.  Thank you my dear Fairy God Mother/ God Father for you have allowed me to be what I was meant to be and that is a blessing to others, a blessing to this world, and most of all a blessing to myself, and so it is, Amen and amen

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