“My Life’s Journey is a Divine Walk with the Heavenly Spirit”

Good day Blessed Ones;

I see my life’s journey as a divine walk with the Heavenly Spirit; and I am so glad to be on this path with you all as well. What I feel within my heart is an inner stillness that allows me to sense that all the Good that is awaiting for me to receive, is also the Good in my life that I am awaiting to receive as well. This life that we have and that we use on a day-to-day basis, as we walk together you and I my Father is something that I could have only dreamed about had I not been saved by your love and your grace in my life.

I find myself seeing things for the very first time for what they are, and that is blessings; I awake each and every day with a breath of love from the Heavenly Spirit, and even though I may not know what is planned for me on any given day, I do know that as long as it is received and anticipated with the love of the Heavenly Spirit in its demonstration, than I am open to receiving whatever it is, and I am ready to be taken wherever it will lead me.

I look forward to the demonstration of yours my Heavenly Father in my life, and as the days grow darker and the nights grow colder, I realize that what was once a bright shiny day, has now become a cold and blistery afternoon; but all that has been planted is now ready to be sowed, and all that has been sowed, is now ready to be harvested for my betterment, and the betterment of others as well. We see each and every day as something that cannot be taken away from us, since what we see is also something that must be given to us as well.

I want to continue to reap the benefits of my harvest dear Sweet Spirit, and as I continue to benefit from the fruits of my labors, may you continue to bless me with the fruits of what has been a lesson that was so needed for me to learn, that who and whose I am is what I am here to sow, I am here to be loved by you, I am here to be chosen by you my Heavenly Father, I am here to be given the blessings from you dear Sweet Spirit. I am here to walk with you on this divine walk that will illuminate within my heart what it feels like to be truly and greatly loved by the Heavenly Spirit. Allow me to understand my Father as I am but a child in your arms awaiting the loving embrace of all that is necessary and needed in my life.

Thank you my Father for this walk, we will continue to have with each other, thank you my Father for this amazing education that I am afforded in this life, and thank you my Father; for once I was just a child finding my way to your light, and now I am an elder seeking once again the love of your words in my heart. You have changed me from what was yesterday’s sprig of a sprout in the ground, to today’s full blown flower full with the warmth of God on my petals and love of God in my soil, I have been reborn again, and for this we are all grateful, for this we are thankful, and for this we are blessed, and so it is. God bless you all,

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