“My Life’s Destiny is being Foretold”

My life’s destiny is being foretold. My life is becoming a road that is being traveled through the time of destiny. Through the time of the sand that falls through the hourglass and allows me to see my life being foretold to me, as what will happen in the future, what has happened in the past, and what I am excited about to experience in the present.

My life’s destiny being foretold to me; is what you see in your life as you allow yourself to sit in the silence to experience what your future life will be, what your future thoughts of life will be, and what your future thoughts of what that life will end up to be. My life’s being foretold by the sand of time that falls through the hourglass of my existence. The times of joy, the times of sorrow, the times of neglect, the times of my life are being displayed for me to see back to back, side to side, and it is glorious.

To be able to experience your life in time capsules, time encapsulated into amazing periods of such sorrow, then of such joy and of such happiness, it is all part of your life; it is all part of the tapestry that explains to you and to the world that you have lived. That you have allowed yourself to be open, to be vulnerable, to be able to take a chance in this experience that we call Earth School; and allowing yourself to just be, to just flow with what happens to determine what will be the ever-ending period to that the idea, to that vision, to that dream or to that mission maybe.

By just going with the flow and allowing yourself to be swept away in the moment of pure Spiritual ecstasy of a life truly lived as it is displayed in your legacy. Yes, your life’s destiny being foretold to you, allows you to see how amazingly beautiful your life will become; but it also allows you to take a look back at how beautiful it is at this moment, at this exact time your life is a blessing, at this exact moment your life could feel like there is no other way that I can express the joy that I am feeling in my heart, without saying that this moment, this specific moment in time I am most happy, I am filled with the undeniable resource of joy, and I am excited for the adventures to continue.

My life unfolds in the destiny of time. The time that we have seems to continue to go faster and faster, the time that we share with our loved ones, the time that we share learning of ourselves, and the time that waits for no one. Can we slow down time, and begin to realize that by each drop of sand that falls through our hourglass of life, we are allowed the most precious moments to be realized, and that is this; your life, my life, and our lives together are something that we must cherish, something that we must reveal in, and something that we must enjoy, and so it is. God bless you all

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