“My Life and the Love I have for the Heavenly Spirit”

My life and the love I have for the Heavenly Spirit. Dear Sweet loving Spirit, dear Heavenly Father I am so grateful. I am so grateful Lord because every day that I walk this World I feel such a connection to you. I feel spiritually open to receive your messages, and I feel a calmness and a peacefulness in my life that I had not experienced previously. My life and my love for the Heavenly Spirit embody that I am able to openly and freely share myself with You. I am able to openly receive from You what is needed to be given to me at any time, and since my life has been used by You it allows me to see my walk so much clearer, to see my road so much straighter, to see my mission so much closer to being realized.

My life and my love of the Heavenly Spirit. My life has been a blessing because of the love of the Heavenly Spirit. I do not feel worry anymore, because I relay on the Heavenly Spirit to provide me with all that is needed in my life. I do not feel stress anymore, because as we have been told if you worry then why pray, if you stress than why pray. You pray for the calmness that that serenity brings into your life, you pray for the love of the Heavenly Spirit to allow you to feel the calmness that is needed through every situation, and you pray for yourself and others, because you never truly realize what someone else is experiencing or going through in their own lives; and even though you may be experiencing a life so filled with the Heavenly Spirit, always remember that others may want that feeling as well. They may be not ready to open themselves up to trusting in the Heavenly Spirit in all their endeavors, but believe me when I tell you that is what they want in their lives also.

The opportunity to be able to be freed from the worry and stress and pain, and to understand that when you rely heavily on the Heavenly Father, when you rely heavily on something higher than yourself, when you rely heavily on the Spirit to guide your life, you begin to realize that everything that is needed and necessary will be provided for you. I love my life and I love the Heavenly Spirit, and I love the fact that I feel so comfortable knowing that I will be provided for, that I will be protected, that my World will be divinely achieved the way that it was meant to be. I don’t try to force my actions on this World, as much as I try to open up my heart widely to receive even more understanding of what is needed to be still, and to rest in the love and the guidance of the Heavenly Spirit.

I rest in the stillness of the moments that we have together, and I allow myself to feel confident that what will ever be, will be, because that is necessary and needed in my life at that time. My life and my love for the Heavenly Spirit, have allowed me to feel a difference, have allowed me to see a difference, have allowed me to comprehend a difference in my life, and it has allowed me to constantly and consistently to be protected, to be loved, and to be blessed by the Heavenly Spirit. Yes, my life and the love that I have for the Heavenly Spirit is given back to me two-fold, it allows me to love myself for who and what I am, and it allows me to understand that anything that needs to be worked upon, anything that needs to be improved upon, anything that needs to be changed will be so, in due time as I continue my walk in this World with the Heavenly Spirit.

I am so looking forward to maturing even more in my learning, in my life, and in my faith. I don’t think we ever stop learning in our faith; we never stop receiving more instructions regarding our Spiritual journey that we are on. And even though a lot of that information may come from this area or that area, what it truly brings to me that by sitting with you my Father in the stillness, by opening up myself to receive Your messages of love and of guidance through meditation, and by staying fast and steadfast in prayer; I am able to truly see my life in improving, to see my life expanding, and to see my life evolving into something even more magical than it was ever meant to be. My life and my love for the Heavenly Spirit are two things that will be intertwined for me for all time.

I will never wake up and not say how much I love my Father, and not say how much God’s presence in my life has improved me, and has allowed me to see how much love that I can give to other people. I feel so thankful to be able to share with you today myself, my journey, my life, and my love, of the Heavenly Spirit and so it is, Amen and amen, God bless you all

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