MOUTH, Must Only Use To Help, MOUTH, Must Only Use To Help; when I think about this word and I begin to realize just how powerful the spoken word can be and just how amazing the mouth truly is to our spectrum of life; if amazes me that we are not more often than not being put into situations where that mechanism that we have to bring about joy, love, and so much passion into this world, is often used for just the opposite.

Let me explain, I see words that are verbalized out into the world as little crystals of thoughts, that once they have been given to the mouth to translate and to be verbalized, are often done so with the smallest amount of thought as to how they will be received and how they may be interpreted by others. I tend to use my words now with more revelry, because I want to make sure that the message that I am relaying to you is the message that I wanted you to receive. What a horror it would be if the message that I wanted to share with each and every one of you, was a message of hope and love and joy, but when the message was relayed it was put out into this world as a message of confusion, regret, and un-aware meanness that the only thing that you heard or did hear made you feel disgusted and demeaned.

So that is why the mouth, is so important to not only me but to all of us. Mouth; must only use to help, is the motto of the day for me. If there is something that I need to tell you, and if that something whatever it is, is not something that will bring about a happy feeling in your heart, or a smile across your lips, then I would prefer not to spring that on you today, if that is alright with you. I would love to say that for one day a week, let’s allow that one day to be one that is filled with happy thoughts, happy dreams, and happy circumstances, and if that is just too much happiness for all of us to share well let me try to explain it to you this way.

There is more than enough ways for us all to be given bad news; I mean the only thing you have to do is to turn on your computer, your television set, or even your phone and there you have it, the bad news or the you just have to know this news, is thrust upon you without you being even given the chance to say can I choose if I need to know this now, or do I need to have this given to me anyway; because it is societies view that I must know who, and how many people, were shot and demised over the weekend. Why is that the news that I need to know on a daily, hourly, and minute-by-minute basis.

So yes, I have chosen to just sit out on that type of behavior today; and spend my time today watching and providing each and every person that I meet with a smile, and with a word coming from my mouth that is positive, pleasant, and progressively cheerful. Which means that the words that will come out of my mouth today, will be words that will bless someone if that is what he or she needs, and also the words that come from my mouth today will be loving and cheerful, because that may be what he or she needs as well. I definitely know that is what I need always and in all ways; I want to be told today that you spend too much time being happy, and you spend too much time delving into what and how you can make others feel happy and cheerful as well.

Because believe me when I tell you, that the days and the hours will go along just as fast, or just as slow by my being positively sharing my love of the Heavenly Spirit with each and every one I meet, or by my being the regulator of the bad news, and the bad feelings that others heard before and for some un-conscioussable reason need to hear them again; well they won’t hear them from me, and they won’t hear them coming out of my mouth. For if that mouth of mine, cannot bring about something wonderful and pleasant to be spewed out into the world, then I will do what my mother and many of our mothers have always told us, If you don’t have anything nice to say, then keep your mouth shut my child, and to me that is the best advice I could ever give others, as well as giving to myself.

Use your mouth for what it was intended to be used for, and that is to bring about the magnificent love of the Heavenly Spirit into each and every corner that you go, and see what comes out of the mouths of others, as you send out into this place the loving and giving words of all that is good, and all that is positive, and watch what happens, to not only yourself, but the numerous others that will feel that love of God in their own hearts because of the words that you have spoken. For believe me when I tell you, your words, those words of good, those words of love, and those words that will shed light unto the dark places, are the words that God has given you to share with the world, share those words from your mouth, and watch the love of God move in your life, watch the love of God, move in the lives of others, and watch the love of God, move in this world; for your words, are the words, that will set us all free, and so it is. God bless you all

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