“Meditation on the Overflow of Abundance”

Let’s take a deep breath in breathing in all the cleansing sweet air of Spirit. Let’s take another deep cleansing breath in and then letting out, all that will not serve us or is not for our betterment at this time in our lives. Today we are going to look deep within ourselves; today we are going to look deep within ourselves as we continue to relax with our breath; breathing in and exhaling out all of the pure air of Spirit. We begin to relax completely, each area of our body that may have had tension, stress, or strain is now relaxing, and has become fully relaxed at this time, we are going to go deeper, deep within ourselves. Today as you look through your mind’s eye, visualize for yourself a beautiful waterfall, so cool is the stream of mist as it drops from its highest point bringing to the Earth the cool refreshing and life sustaining water; and the ground cover is so lush and green with the flora and fauna all around so beautiful as the water continues to flow down, down into a pool of a beautiful blue liquid, beautiful cooling blue water.

This is your overflow; this waterfall represents the overflow of love, of abundance, and of prosperity in your life. The overflow, of all that is good in your life that you have not seen with your own eyes for some time. And as you now focus with your mind’s eye, it is apparent that the overflow of the waterfall is beautiful, it is truly, truly amazing. As you continue to look around, all around you are beautiful green plants and beautiful blossoms of flowers, everything is alert and everything is awakened because of your presence at this time. As you walk through this garden of the overflowing waterfall and the beautiful green lush flora and fauna of the flowers that surround you, you begin to see a reflection in the water. And as you go closer and closer to the shore of the waterfall, what you see is yourself. Reflected in the water of overflow and overflowing abundance you see yourself bedazzled with jewels and with fabrics of fine quality, you see upon your head a crown, a crown with jewels so exquisite that you look away from this reflection thinking to yourself that this, this is unusual, what does this mean?

And as you look back into the water you see your life played out in different scenes all showing overflowing abundance, overflowing prosperity, and overflowing joy; you are loved, and in your reflection the love that you feel in your heart is surrounding you with the glow of love, the glow of pure pure love that is in your heart; the reflections of you in the water continue to show you more and more abundance, your flow, your cup runnith over in the appreciativeness of all that is given to you. You realize that you have been all your life blessed, taken care of and protected, protected, and loved. Everything that you see in your reflection as it is exposed to you allows you to understand once and for all the meaning of your existence, the questions of why am I here? The questions of what is my purpose? The questions of will my life fulfill my destiny, are all being answered for you now.

You are here to shine out into this world beauty and love; you have a purpose that allows you to help others, and by doing so you are prospered and helped as well. You have always known in the back of your mind that your life was something more to be shared with this world, and as you continue to see your reflection in the water that continues to show you all of the abundance, all of the prosperity, and all of the joy and love that you have within yourself to give to this world. You think to yourself quietly, had it not been for you my Father, I would have never known; had it not been for you my Father, I would have not been what I am today; and had it not been for you my Father, I would not have been saved to give back to this world all that you have given me, had it not been for you; and as we go into the silence together, remember the overflowing abundance of the waterfall, remember the beautiful lush greenery and beautiful flowers in the garden, remember the overflow of abundance for you, the overflow of abundance for you, as we go into the silence………..


Yes, you have abundance; yes, you have joy, and yes, you have been blessed; and as you continue to look at the waterfall, the beautiful overflow of abundance, of prosperity, of joy, and of love in your life; you are thankful, you are thankful for what you have seen today in your mind’s eye, and that is that you are a magnificent expression of all that is good in this world. And as we realize that the time that we have spent together in the garden must come to an end, and as you walk away from the waterfall and close the door to this amazing scene that you have visualized in your mind and your mind’s eye, always remember this; you are here for a reason, you are here for a purpose in your life, and you are what we have all been waiting for, the abundance, the overflowing abundance that you have within yourself to give to others. We say together and in unison, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is. Amen and amen. God bless you all

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