“Meditation on Love and Forgiveness”

Let’s prepare ourselves for meditation, let’s take everything away from our view that can be a distraction to us at this time. We take a deep breath in, and we let it out, and we take another deep cleansing breath in of all that is good, and all that is pure in this World, and then we slowly let that out. By breathing in the pure sweet air of Spirit and by exhaling out all the tension, all the stress, and all of the things that are not for our betterment and do not serve us at this time.

We take another breath in, and this time we hold that breath in, and we send out of our bodies a thought of forgiveness. If you feel comfortable to close your outer eyes, please do so at this time, and then open your mind’s eye, your inner eye of faith, as we visualize together a beautiful beautiful sunny day.

The sky is blue, the clouds are billowy, and as the sun is shining on our faces, the warmth feels so good. We are opening our minds up to a brand new day, a day when the prayer of forgiveness and the love of forgiveness has been sent out to coat the World. A prayer of forgiveness sent out to forgive us all, for what we have done to ourselves, for what we have done to others, and for what we have done to Mother Earth; we send out a coat of blessings and of forgiveness. We feel this shield of forgiveness as the shield of the Heavenly Spirit that provides us with strength and love, as we are embraced in the everlasting love of how it feels to truly forgive someone in your heart.

Forgiveness and love together allow us to see this World for what it truly is; an amazing playground of all good things that can be shared with one another, when we open up our hearts, and we open up our minds to the amazing gift that forgiveness affords us. Forgive yourself, forgive your neighbor, forgive others, and allow yourself to feel that coat of love embracing you because you have forgiven others, and now they are blessed by that forgiveness as well. Forgive yourself, for whatever negative things you may have said to yourself, for whatever thoughts you may have continually ran around in your mind that were unpleasant; forgive yourself for today is a new day, a new beginning, a new opportunity to see your life differently.

Forgive others by allowing yourself to see them for who they truly are, the loving beings of the Heavenly Spirit, the bright lights of Father God’s, and the amazing beings of promise that they are. Forgive this World, open up your mind and your heart to forgive this World, for the atrocities that may have been caused against your generations of fore brothers and fore sisters, your grandfathers and grandmothers, forgive this World; for by forgiving those things, you are allowing love to come into the equation. You are allowing your heart space that you’ve had full of pain, to be filled with happiness and light, forgiveness and love they go together. Forgiveness and love they walk hand and hand together, forgiveness and love allows us to see another day, forgiveness and love feels our bodies with all we need to continue on in this World.

And as we go into this silence together, and as we continue to visualize this beautiful bright sunny day that has been afforded us because of all of the forgiveness and love we have sent out into the World; we will affirm together silently, “I am my Fathers child, and because of this, I live a life full of love and a life full of forgiveness.” We say again to ourselves silently, “I am my Fathers child, and because of this, I live a life full of love and a life full of forgiveness”, remember these words as we go into the silence.


Yes, forgiveness and love, love and forgiveness, they go hand and hand together; and as we walk this Earth together we will always remember what we have experienced here, we will always remember the effect, the effect that love and forgiveness have given us, and we will always remember that as our Father’s child, and as a child of God’s, love and forgiveness, forgiveness and love, will always be a part of our lives. May you always walk your life’s journey with the continuing remembrance of love and forgiveness, and with forgiveness and love as you make your way through your day; and for this we say in thanksgiving, thank you God, thank you God, thank you God, and so it is, Amen and amen. God bless you all

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