“Meditation on Happiness”

Let us prepare ourselves for meditation, let’s take this time to find a relaxing and comfortable seat, and sit down and rest ourselves; and as our feet touch the ground, and as our hands are put on our laps in an upright cupped position; let’s close our outer eyes, and open our inner eye, the mind’s eye. Let’s take a deep breath in, and let it out, and we take another deep cleansing breath in, and let that out as well. And as the breathing of in and out of pure Spirits air, allows us to be comfortable, to be relaxed at this time, we begin to visualize happiness, visualizing happiness. Now happiness can mean so many things, to so many people; so we will focus on one form of happiness for all of us. See in your mind’s eye a smile on your face, see how your cheeks have risen, how the corners of your mouth are extended upward, and your eyes are open and twinkling with beautiful, beautiful abandon.

Happiness is something that we can experience right here and right now, happiness is what I think of when I see myself enjoying a favorite book, when I see myself enjoying a favorite food, and when I see myself enjoying love that I give to others, and the love that I am getting back from them is happiness. The warm loving sensation of contentment, of fulfillment, of happiness; and as we continue to sit and smile, smiling out into the world the love that we feel for ourselves, and the amazing love we feel for our lives. We are experiencing happiness, can’t you feel it, don’t you feel it deep within your soul, the pleasure of knowing that you are loved, that you are blessed, and you feel good, it all feels good.

Finally you have found peace within yourself; it may have been something that was tugging at your heart but is now released, and you feel happiness. Or it may have been a thought that had been troubling your mind, and now it has passed, and you feel happiness. Happiness, oh it feels so good to be happy, and with your mind’s eye, look out on your territory; and see for yourself all around you, the beautifulness of what happiness feels like from the inside out, and the beautifulness that happiness extends out into the world. Yes, whatever was on your mind, whatever has been troubling your heart, whatever has been bothering your soul has passed, and now you are experiencing happiness.

Take a deep breath in, and resonate with this feeling of happiness, resonate with this feeling of joy, that you are experiencing, it feels so good, it feels so good to be able to feel in your mind happiness; and today as you continue on your way, think constantly about happiness, think constantly what happiness feels like, and think constantly about the amazing rebirth that you feel because of this happiness, happiness, happiness. And as we go into the silence, think of these worlds to yourself silently: I am happy, I am experiencing happiness, I am loved. Say these words to yourself again, I am happy, I am experiencing happiness, I am loved, and as these words continue to play in your mind, over and over again, at this time, think clearly, think openly, think continuously, these words as we go into the silence.


Happiness, happiness, happiness; yes, we are experiencing joy, yes, we have turned over a new leaf, and yes, we are experiencing happiness, keep that feeling in your heart today, keep that feeling in your heart space today, as you continue on your way, and as you continue on in your life, your joy, your happiness, your love, will flow from you to others just how and what you feel, which is happiness, you are so happy today, you are so blessed today, you are so full of love today; happiness, happiness, happiness, and so it is. God bless you all

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