“Love Yourself”

Good day Blessed Ones;

Love yourself, see for yourself a life that is filled with love, because that love first comes from within and then it is projected outward into the Universe and out into the World. See for yourself what your life would look like if you began your day with loving on you, if you began your day with treating yourself with kindness, and being gentle with yourself, because that is what you have always been for others, and that is what is expected of you in how you treat others, but this is not always expected of you to treat yourself.

Think about this for a moment, you begin your day by running for yourself a warm relaxing and soothing bubble bath, you take care in preparing the water just so that it is neither too warm, nor too cool, and as the water is ready for you to immerse yourself into it, and to feel a sense of pure and loving decadence just for you. You poured into the water that you drew for yourself the scented oils that you have had for those special occasions when you wanted to do something loving with your significant other; or you took some time for yourself in the morning before you hurriedly left your home to prepare for yourself a meal that was not only nourishing to your body, but was also appealing to your eyes, because it was prepared specially just for you today.

You are showing yourself love, you are taking time out of your day to experience for yourself just what it feels like to pamper, and to prepare for someone else, but just this time the person that you are preparing for, and the person that you are pampering is yourself. Now I have found that when I have truly felt that I am so amazing and so loved by all that is here to love me, is when I have reached within myself and have touched my own heart by loving and caring so gently and lovingly for myself. I cannot provide a loving environment for someone else, nor can I show that person or persons the love that I want to experience with them or receive from them if I cannot show to myself that loving energy as well. Love yourself, take yourself out to dinner, prepare that special bath for yourself, take that special trip that you have wanted to do with yourself, and see how much love you allow into your life just by first allowing you to love yourself.

I will never forget the first time that I looked into the mirror and finally and full heartily said to myself “I love you”. I mean many times when we look in a mirror it is done in passing and it is usually done quickly, we get up, we bathe, and then we quickly put on make-up, or we shave, and/or wash our faces and then we are out the door. But did we during that entire 30 or 40 minutes take it upon ourselves to say to ourselves “wow, you look amazing today, and I love you so very much”.

Yes, to look at ourselves within that instant, and to see within our own eyes just how amazing we are to ourselves, which will then vibrate out into this World just how amazing we are to others as well. Love yourself, love yourself for all that you are, and all that you ever want to become, and all that you see for yourself in your future. I see for myself a future that is so bright, more so now than I have ever seen before, and the reason behind those feelings is not because I have just won the lottery, or that I have finally paid off that car that I had been paying on for the last four years; no, the reason that I am so excited and so looking forward to what is around the corner, and what is around the bend; is because finally I go into this future, and into this amazing knowing of all positiveness with the notion that I love myself, and because I love myself so much, there is nothing I cannot do, there is nothing that I cannot have, and there is nothing that cannot be manifested within my life because of the love of the Heavenly Spirit, and the love of myself in this world. Wow, the possibilities are endless and they are so numerous for abundance to come to me, to come into my life, and to come into my world.

So I say to you today, to love the person in your life that is always with you, whether you want that person to see the crazy things that you have done, or to cheer you on for the amazingly wonderful things that you do, and that person is yourself. Love yourself, love yourself, and see what it truly feels like to begin the day on a note of self-love, of self-significance, of self-awareness, and of self-acknowledgement, that what has been birthed inside of you is something that will change your life, because you finally have found love for yourself, and that person that you are showing that love to is you, and you are so deserving of all that love of self, that you want to share with this world. So share that love, and put the love light on you, for you are so worthy, you are so amazing, and you are so blessed for finally allowing the love of yourself, to shine out into this world, and so it is, Amen and amen. God bless you all

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