“Love, Peace, and Forgiveness”

As a project for an event that I am attending this weekend, I was asked a year ago to write a Love Letter to myself. So I did that and what was produced were three words as my topic for my love letter, Love, Peace, and Forgiveness. Now these three things describe how I feel about myself, and how I have come to love myself so deeply, and so thoroughly in my life.

I love myself because I see myself living a life of truth and authenticity; I literally walk the talk that I state, and I stand true to about in my life. I am pleased with my size, I am proud of my stature, and I see my life finally becoming the bright ray of light that I have always wanted my life to be. To have yourself and your life to be used as a vessel for God and for Good is truly the life that I want to lead, is truly the life that I have always wanted to lead, and it is the life that I am led by.

Peace, in my love letter to myself; I choose this word peace because I have little by little, and struggle by struggle, I have eliminated all that is disruptive in my life. Now of course there will be times when there is a disruption that I had not planned for, or one that may have been actually planned by others to be instrumental in throwing my day off cue; but in regards to my existence and what control I do have in my life, I choose that control and that life to be one of a peaceful existence. The issues or items that used to cause me unrest and frustrations, have somehow been put to the side of my existence, and what used to cause me worry or concern is no longer even an issue in my life anymore.

Now that may sound strange to some of you, and to be honest it has become strange to me as well. Only because I have waited for those little instances when unrest would normally rock my World, and those events have not happened to say the least. Maybe it is because I look at each and every day as an opportunity to take whatever comes my way as something that I can learn from or something that I can find a positive twist from. But regardless of what it is, the calmness that I am experiencing in my life, along with the peacefulness is appreciated and longed for. I am in love with myself for finding it within myself to understand that peace is not something that is given to you, peace is something that you surround yourself with, by allowing yourself to see the peacefulness within each and every situation.

And then the last item in my love letter that kind of brings it all together with a bow is the word forgiveness. Forgiveness allows me to see my work environment, and my working relationships with others as what they truly are opportunities to forgive myself for expecting something from others that is just not possible for them to give me. By allowing everyone the forgiveness that they need within themselves to see that even though things happen, and people do things to you, around you, or even say to you what they truly feel is their truth to relay, it is not my truth to receive, and it is not my burden to hold on to, and it is not my problem to solve.

I forgive myself, for allowing myself to feel hurt or threatened, or even less than, by what someone may have said to me, or by what someone may have done to me. They cannot stop me from being who I am, and they cannot stop me from being to my Heavenly Father what he has instilled in me to be deep inside. I am the only one that truly controls what happens to me, and how I receive, and how I accept those things, those feelings and those words of others. And as I continue to love myself so much, I will continue to work on allowing the love of the Heavenly Spirit, to be what moves me, and to be what allows me to be moved by forgiving those who know not what they do, and why they do, what they do. Forgiveness, Peace, and Love, have allowed me to see myself clearly for the amazing woman that I am, and also they have allowed me to see others for the amazingly magnificent expressions of God that everyone else is as well.

So today as you read my love letter to myself, take this time to write yourself the “love letter” that you have always wanted to write, to address all of those qualities of yourself that allow you to continue to shine your bright light out into this World; but that also allows you to see within yourself just how beautiful and loving that you truly are. For to the World, and to our Heavenly Father, you are the amazingly bright shining star that shines out into this World, just what it means to be you, the immeasurable, undeniably magnificent you that you are. May the Heavenly Father continue to see all of the bright lights that we are in this World, and may we continue to see within ourselves just how bright those lights really are for ourselves. God bless you all,

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