“Love is forgiving”

Love is forgiving, love is forgiving. Good day Blessed Ones, so today I feel amazing. I feel loved by the Heavenly Spirit, I feel fully fully rested from an evening of Spiritual instruction and I feel loved; and I feel loved through every part of my body, through every cell in my body, through every vein and blood vessel, I feel loved. And the reason I feel so loved is because I feel love is forgiving, love is for giving it to others, love is for giving it to yourself, and love is for giving it to the World. Love is for giving, and when you think of love in that way, love is always forgiving.

I forgive you whoever you are, for whatever you have done because I love you, and because you are a child of God’s; and because you are a child of God’s that lives on this physical plane with me, I feel nothing but love for you. Love is to me something that when I open up my eyes in the morning, it is the first thing, it is the first emotion that comes to my mind, it is the first thought that comes to my memory, and it is the first thing that I visualize, I see love.

I feel love, I give love, I am love, I am love. I have always said, and I will share with you again that my purpose is to love the World, and to inspire the World to love itself; wow, what an amazing journey this will be. Let’s think about this for a moment, if we all loved each other, there would be no wars, there would be no hatred, there would be no hurtred, there would only be within our beings thoughts of how can I love others more? How can I show others how much I love them? And how can I let others express to me their love? That’s what our thoughts would be about love. But without love you can’t have forgiveness, and without forgiveness you can’t truly experience the true manifestation of love in your life.

I love the Heavenly Spirit; I love the feeling of a power higher than myself, and a higher power within myself, that I can rely on to show me the way so that I can be a loving, and amazingly magnificent expression to this World, to myself, and in this World. Love is for the giving, love is for the giving of one’s love to another, love is for the giving of putting together these words to say to you, “you bring happiness into my life and for that I love you”, and to also say to you “that the thought of you in my life has allowed me to see love more clearly.” I love you, I love you, I love you.

Love is for the giving, and love is forgiving, and I have forgiven all. I hold no malice in my heart for anyone, and I am totally now a being of pure love, to show love, and to feel love because I have allowed my heart to receive forgiveness. I forgive all that has happened to me, all who have happened to me, and anything that I may not have realized had happened to me. And by feeling this way, by allowing the forgiveness from my heart to shine out in front of me, allows me to shine the love within my heart to shine out to you; I love you, I forgive you, and I forgive myself, for anything that may have been needed to be forgiven for.

Yes, today is a beautiful day, today is a day filled with so much love, and so much possibility of that love being shared with this World. Love is the truest emotion; love is what I want to share with all of you, and love is something that allows forgiveness, and forgiving to be present, to be aware, to be unfolded into our lives. Yes, love is what we want to share, love is what we all want to give, love is what allows each of us to forgive, and love provides each of us with forgiveness, and so it is, Amen and amen. God bless you all

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