“Love Blesses Every Relationship”

Every relationship in my life has been blessed with love. The love of the Heavenly Spirit, the love of myself, and the love that I am able to show others, and to show my World, love blesses every relationship. The first relationship of love that I experienced was the love of my physical Mother and Father; the love that they showed me evolved into a lasting loving relationship they shared with themselves for long years past. The second form of love that I experienced in my life, was the love I share with my beloved, as the love we continue to nurture for each other, the love that we continue to share with each other, and the love of the Heavenly Spirit allows us to continue with each other.

But the third force of love, the third vision of love that I am embracing myself with at this time, is the love I share with the World. Letting the World know that love is all we need, and love is something that is so dear and so needed in all of our lives. Love, those four letters how amazing they are to every ones view. I love myself, I love the Heavenly Spirit, and I love you; for the love I feel for you is the love I give to you, because you are a child of the great “I Am” and because of that I will always have love for you, as I know you will always have love for me as well.

Love blesses the relationship; love is a blessing for every relationship, love allows each relationship to flourish the way it was meant to be. Love, love, love, may you today on the day designated as a day of love for all forms of love, may you today find it within yourself to love yourself, to love someone else, and to love the Heavenly Spirit that gave you your first introduction to the word love into your life; love is a blessing to every relationship, let love be a blessing in your life today, let love be a blessing that shows out into the World, how much love you have in your heart, and let love come from you as the amazing aura that it is, and shine a light out from you into this World that shows everyone that you meet, that love is your favorite four letter word. Love, love, love, God bless you all, and so it is, Amen and amen

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