“Just say Yes”

Just say yes, just say yes, say yes. Dear Heavenly Father, sweet Loving Presence, in my mind today I keep hearing the words “just say yes”. Say yes, say yes to opening yourself up to new possibilities, say yes to looking outside of the box to find what is yours to have. And say yes to coloring outside of the lines, take a chance, take a chance on you, take a chance on yourself by allowing yourself to go that extra mile to seek that higher position, to go for that new job even though you think you’re not 100 percent qualified.

Give yourself the opportunity to dream to expand your consciousness, to expand your persona so that you can be a testament to someone who has said yes to their true passion and desires. Find it within yourself to see yourself soaring, to see yourself achieving, to see yourself manifesting your dreams that you’ve had for so long. Say yes to that little boy or little girl who always wanted to be something more but was afraid to take a chance, say yes to the opportunity to do just that. And see what happens for you; be amazed at the blessings that are showering down for you. And be thankful and so grateful for the opportunities that you were able to be given because you just said yes, to taking the chance to discover that new territory, that new horizon, that new adventure that was waiting to unfold for you just because you said yes.

I say yes today, I say yes today for opening myself up to a new opportunity, to seeing each and every thing, every idea, that I put together in my mind as a way to express and impress the love of God out from me into the World. I say yes, I say yes to being unafraid, to taking a challenge and making it into something that is going to be the sweetest, that is going to be the sweetest opportunity that has ever came into my life. I say yes, I say yes my Father to all that you have given to me, and I say yes my Father to every step forward that you allow me and I allow myself to take, I say yes. Just say yes, to your new beginning; just say yes to putting a period to the past, and moving on. And just say yes to the new outlook, to the new vision, to the new subconscious that you have now that tells you that you are worthy.

You are so worthy for all that should be given to you, just say yes I’m going to do it, just say yes I’m going to make it happen, just say yes, we, you and I my Father will do this thing. You and I my Father will make this thing happen, you and I my Father will see a beginning, a middle and an end to this thing, we will be successful with this thing, we will be courageous, and we will say yes to this opportunity to go and be a blessing to the World by allowing the blessings to be shown and showered on us. We say yes, just say yes, just say yes, just say yes, and so it is, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

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