“It matters how you start your day”

It matters how you start your day, it matters how you start your day.  Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence is it a dream? Oh is it a dream, oh today started so well, so well, it matters how you start your day.  Lord sometimes you can start your day with just the smallest feeling of oh not another day, but then there are days like today, there are days like today, when you start your day with saying wow, now that’s the way to start the day.

You start your day with a warm cup of tea or coffee, you begin to go through the motions of speaking to your loved one and sharing subtle glances and pleasantries as you put together your lunch or breakfast for the day.  And then you iron out your clothes and you take that nice long hot shower that oh that helps to wake up your circulation and to bring the much needed blood through all your body. Oh and then you put your clothes on, and you pack your stuff up that you’ve got to have for that morning meeting, you know the one that you were kind of dreading to attend, but oh my gosh it ended up that it’s going to be even more glorious than you had anticipated because you are prepared and ready for the day.

It all depends on how you start your day, if you begin your day with this particular type of attitude your day will blossom into something so amazingly magnificent it will shock you yourself.  But if your day begins with something so sad, begins with sad thoughts, and continues on with sad reasons, well then your day is going to be ah a little messed up.  So we begin our day this way, oh beginning our day hearing the sounds of the chirping of the birds waking up to the life that they are excited to experience because it is a brand new day, a brand new day.  A day that’s filled with love, a day that’s filled with compassion, a day that’s filled with all good things.

So as I finish my second cup of coffee, and as I sit down at the kitchen table and take a look out onto the territory that I see that is right outside my front door, or could it be right outside my back window, it still feels like it’s going to be a glorious day.  So wonderful it is to begin a day feeling positively in love and loved positively in your life, what a blessing, it all depends on how you begin your day.  And I am happy to say that today has begun with something so amazing, I thank you my Father for this day. I thank you for this day, that I will receive my daily bread and I look forward to sharing that with others.  I thank you Father for this day, a day that I will feel in infinity that oh my God today was the best day, was the only day, was the most magnificent day, was the day I was hoping it would be.

Today was a good day, take today, take this morning, take this afternoon, take this evening whatever time it is that you will read these words and see your day as something beautiful.  That began on a high note, continued on with a soft melody and as you harmonized the rest of your magnificent feelings into the day, it ended with a ballad that was so sweet to the ears, it allowed your evening to be a symphony that was so needed for your soul.  What it is to have, how it feels to receive, what it means to know, it all begins with how you start your day, and for these things, for these amazing feelings, for these amazing knowing’s, for these amazing opportunities, for this amazing life, we say three times, thank you God, thank you God, thank you God for this beautiful, magical, amazing, magnificent day, and so it is, Amen and amen

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