“It is your Father’s Good Pleasure to give you the Kingdom,

When I woke up this morning I felt so refreshed; it has been a weekend filled with such love and such fellowship with others, who love and care for me and my family. A good friend of ours retired on Friday, after 35 years of service with the military; and then another amazing friend of ours had a steak and crab feed; and we enjoyed ourselves and donated quite a bit of money to the cause of the Folsom Lake Kiwanis, what a blessing that was, thank you.

But as I sat back after having such a fun-filled weekend and such a weekend filled with fellowship, and as I sat back and I just reflected on my life; and what I realized was that I am so thankful because the Heavenly Father continues to bless me, even though I feel at times am I really worthy to be blessed with all this. The Heavenly Father wants to give me the Kingdom, and I should be open and ready to accept it, and to receive the Good that is here for me to have. It was so amazing because I have been thinking about what self-publisher to go with for my book, and when I finally thought I found a publisher, I realized that the price was a little steep, but this is my dream and I intend to go forward.

But at this steak and crab feed I met two of the most amazing women; two more amazing women, and they were twins. One of the women was a publisher and a writer of books, and her sister was an independent film producer; God is so amazing. I not only shared with them my story of what I am doing, but I found out from them why they did, and how they did, what they’re doing, and then I also found out that we could do something together. Isn’t always helpful when the Heavenly Father puts people in your life that can be a benefit to you, and you could be a benefit to them as well; the Father wants to give you the Kingdom.

So we exchanged business cards, and I definitely put them in my phone on speed dial, and we will talk very soon about our projects and projects together. So what I thought was really amazing was that this was my first time ever going to this particular function, and I had bought my tickets about a couple of weeks ago, but the two ladies they didn’t buy their tickets but a couple of days ago. So we were all moved divinely to meet each other what a blessing; it is the Fathers Good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. The Heavenly Father puts people in your life and things in your life for a reason; and, it’s amazing that once you continue to rely on him to change and move your life, your life will be changed and moved by Him.

Now it was also a blessing that I have been thinking about taking one of my stories and making into a movie; and that is why the second sister who was the independent film producer kind of sparked my interest because the story that I was thinking about was my “Pearls of Joy” which is the story of my mother and my father. And even though I have this amazing cousin who used to work with the movie producer John Singleton, I haven’t been able to get a hold of him; of course I wanted to give him the first opportunity; and then of course now my cousin works with Tyler Perry, and I can’t seem to get a hold of him either, so I just thought that maybe I will have to figure this out on my own, and then I met these two women, and one of them told me that they had just gone to the TD Jake’s Mega Fest, and while there they had taken a class on screenwriting; God is so Good, so the independent movie producer sister will be connecting me to her contacts, so we can get my ball rolling on that as well.

But I say all this to say that I would have never ever thought of this idea, had I not opened my mind to prayer and gave it all to Him to give me some direction; I would have not even thought about the idea of doing something more, had I not been awakened to another inspirational moment; and as I say sometimes this inspiration that I write is for you, but many times this inspiration I write is for myself; so I am excited, yes I am excited. I look forward to what is going to happen in these next few days and weeks and months, yes I am very very excited about the future. And even though we don’t know how it will all fall out, we do know by prayer, by meditation, and by sacrifice this thing is going to be amazing, and I feel very thankful for that.

So I say all of this because, it is our Father’s Good pleasure to give you the Kingdom; and all the Heavenly Father wants for you to do is receive, receive, receive your blessings, I don’t know how I can say it any clearer than that. We all have different blessings that are ours to receive and we all have special gifts that are ours to give to the World and we all have special talents that are ours to receive the blessings from as well. I tell you today that I am so thankful; but wait, I didn’t tell you this, so as I am at the steak and crab feed, and it is on a Sunday, and Sunday is my most favorite day to be on my radio program, “Encouraging Words by Miss Gerrie”. So as I excuse myself from the table after eating, and I went outside to the beautiful patio that was at this building where the event was located, I believe it was the Folsom Community Center.

And as I went outside and I sat on the patio, and I proceeded to get ready for my radio show, there was a gentleman and his young son were out there just talking, and enjoying the sunshine, and enjoying each other; and as I said to the gentleman “hello, I’m getting ready to go on the radio right now so I sure hope I won’t disturb you, and I will try to be done quickly,” and the gentleman said to me, “not a problem we’re just enjoying the day”. So I proceeded to recite a couple pieces and it just felt right in tune with what the day was affording all of us, just such great, just such great blessings. And as I finished my meditation after reading my inspirational piece, and I sat there for a moment to just enjoy the feeling, the gentleman walked over to me and extended out his hand, and he said, “thank you for that, that was beautiful, and it was so needed.” I thanked him and then I gave him one of my business cards, and said you can get this every day, if you just go to my blog, what a blessing.

You touch people you don’t even realize you touched, by doing what touches your soul, by doing what the Heavenly Father has asked you to do; which is to share your gift, share your gift, and receive your Kingdom, for it is the Fathers Good pleasure to give you the Kingdom, be it your Good pleasure to receive it, to receive it, to receive it, and so it is, Amen and amen. God bless you all

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