“It is my duty and my obligation to pray for others”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; I have realized in the last day or so that I must put in prayer the forgiveness that I see for others.  I must put in prayer the forgiveness that I feel for my fellow man, I must put in prayer the forgiveness that I feel for all mankind, I must put in prayer the forgiveness that I see for those that would treat us unjustly, I must put in prayer.  For we are all children of God’s and because of that I must pray for you as I pray for myself, as I pray for others and as I pray for enlightenment.

It is not that people are evil as much as it is that people are not enlightened.  If people were enlightened they would not treat each other the way that they do.  And if people knew better they would do better, and if they did better, better would come to them.  So when those thoughts that run through your mind that enable you to think it’s possible, it’s necessary, or its okay to treat someone unkindly, I will pray for you.  I will pray for you and I will see for you the enlightenment that you must receive that allows you to see that we are all children of God’s, and by being children of God’s we are and should be loving to one another.

We are loved by the Heavenly Spirit and we should be loved by each other.  For when you hurt one person, you hurt us all.  When you raise your hand to strike at one person you have risen your hand to strike us all; we are all connected, we are all connected.  I ask of the Heavenly Spirit, I ask of the Heavenly Spirit that he shine down into this world, into this period of space and time that we exist in some type of semblance of understanding to those who may misunderstand and act accordingly.  Shine some understanding into those that would be so mean and callous as to go out of their way to strike out and strike at another individual.

And I will pray for you, I will pray for us all that we will receive what we need in our hearts to understand that we can be forgiven, and we should forgive ourselves and we should also find a way to forgive this world.  For we have allowed ourselves to slip away from what we were meant here to be which is the loving children of God’s, I will pray for us.  I will pray that we will see the light; I will pray that we will find our your way.  I will pray for us that we will treat each other with respect and dignity, and I will pray for us that we will treat ourselves that way as well.

I will pray for us; and with each breath that I have I will always pray for us, because I want we are people to see ourselves differently.  I want us as a people to realize that even though I have been hurt, even though you have been hurt, even though we may have hurt others, I will still pray for us because I still believe we can make a difference in this world.  I will still pray for us because I still see all of us as children of God’s, and I will still pray for us because I see all of us one day being enlightened, I will still pray for us; I will pray for us forever, I will pray for us forever.

May the Heavenly Father provide you with what you need when you pray for yourself.  May the Heavenly Father show you your ways when you pray for yourself.  And may the Heavenly Father allow you to be enlightened and with this enlightenment may you see how different your life can be when you treat others with kindness, with love  with dignity and respect.

I will still pray for us, and I will forever pray for us hoping and realizing that one day we will continue to see for ourselves in prayer the love of God in our lives.  For we all are so worthy and it is so needed for us, and for this world it is so necessary.  And as you pray for us all, may the love of the Heavenly Father bless you, for you will forever be a blessing to this world and so it is, Amen and amen.

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