”Inspired I soar beyond all limitations; Inspired by the Heavenly Spirit, I soar beyond all limitations”

Dear Heavenly Father; Sweet Loving Presence, I am inspired by you my Father; I am inspired by the love of you in my life.  I am inspired, and because of that inspiration I soar above all limitations.  I feel within myself that I can do anything, I can be anything, I can go anywhere, I can become what I have truly been here to be fulfilled to become. I am a work of yours my Father, and because of that I can be molded, I can be shaped; I can be changed into something that will be meaningful and needed in this lifetime, thank you Jesus.

I am inspired and the inspiration of you allows me to soar beyond limitations.  Allows me to see things that were maybe not necessary, maybe not possible but now they are because I am a dreamer, I am a believer, and I use my faith to lead the way as I soar beyond any limitations.   As I look deep within myself for the God presence that I shine out allows me to see that anything is possible in this world, anything is available to me, everything is open; and for every door I have a key that opens as well.

Your inspiration, your inspiration, your inspiration in my life has allowed me to see myself even further than I would have ever imagined.  To take one step in front of the other and not know how far those steps, that walk will go because you are walking by faith.  You are putting it in the hands of the one who says yes it is possible, yes it can happen; yes believe in me and all your worries will be set free.  I am inspired by the love of you in my life, I am moved by your presence in my being, and I am illuminated by your amazing grace in my soul.

Thank you my Father, for allowing me to dream dreams that were not even possible before.  Thank you my Father for allowing me to feel feelings that I had never even knew were in my existence.  Thank you my Father for showing me that anything and everything is possible just by saying it is so.  By having the thought, by thinking that realization, by seeing that achieved in my life, by being inspired by the inspiration of the Heavenly Spirit.

I have no limitations, I have no barriers, I have no bars, I am free, and nothing binds me.  I see your truth setting me free and I am inspired by that inspiration, I am moved by that movement, I am set free by that freedom, I am allowed by that allowance, I am inspired.  And because of this inspiration, because of this amazing feeling, because of this amazing knowing, because of this amazing ideal, I feel, I feel, I feel, that anything is possible, and everything is available and each idea is monumentally set to pass.

Thank you God for that blessing, thank you God for that knowing and thank you God for that amazing benefit you have provided for in my life and so it is, Amen and amen, thank you my Father

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