“Inner Peace, Inner Peace”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; I cannot say that I am about love, that I am about joy, that I am about faith, that I am about forgiveness, that I am about all good things without first realizing for myself that I must have inner peace.  I must constantly dwell on the positiveness of any situation so that I can continue to keep the frequency of my consciousness at a point where it brings me joy just to open my eyes every single day.  I must speak and live what I believe and what that is; is that I believe that this world can be different.  I believe that there is still a possibility for us to change ourselves and by changing ourselves we can change our surroundings, we can change our behavior, we can change our ingrained attitudes and values and mores and norms.

But I cannot speak these things, I cannot state these feelings, I cannot live these affirmations if I do not within myself seek inner peace.  I had to let go of some things I had to release and declare to myself that I would not bring myself to an existence that allows me to dwell on things that have happened to me or have happened for me or have happened through me that were not positive.  I cannot bring that into my psyche and allow myself to seek inner peace that is not possible.  So I wake up in the morning and I say to myself I release out into the atmosphere anything and everything that does not serve me, that is not here for my betterment, that is not going to bring about a Godly and God-like experience of kindness and love in my life.

And by doing that I allow myself to realize that I am actually living what I am speaking, and I am actually living what I am feeling, and I am actually living what I want to see in this world, inner peace.  Yesterday my husband and I had an opportunity to use these tools and I’m going to tell you that we in this world are experiencing things that are just monumentally different than what we want to experience in our lives; and even though someone comes into your existence and brings with them the baggage of their past, the baggage of their own feelings which are feelings that are not of yours and are not positive.  I still have to dig deep within myself, I still must find it within myself to feel some inner peace so that I can look at that experience whatever it is and say I wish you well, I see God in you and I still feel you can come back around and be an expression of the magnificent God that we are.

That we have, that we each have within ourselves.  The God presence that we shine out into this world should be something that is magnificent, should be something that is positive, should be something that brings us up not brings us down.  Not lowers us to the deepest depths that we can be so that we can call ourselves human beings.  No inner peace realizing that I walk in faith, and realizing that who I am I project out and realizing that by doing that I must shine an example out into this world of the example that I want to see in this world an example of the world that I want to live in.  And the example of the world that I want us all to be a part of, inner peace allows me to still have the hope that this is possible, to still have the hope that this will manifest and to still have the hope that we together can bring about a difference.

A wall, a wave, a storm of positivity out into this world I seek it first within myself so that I can bring it out into the world.  I release anything that is not needed in my life that is not necessary that will not bring about peace into my world, I release it.  And by releasing it out into the atmosphere I release it from myself. And even though there may be times when I may fall down and I may get on my knees and I will say Lord what more can I do.  Those are the times when I must reach deep within my own heart  that I must reach deep within my own soul, that I must reach deep within my own being and say I see love and because of that love I will bring about a positive experience from what I am experiencing right now.

So I say to you today, use today as an opportunity to dig deep within yourself to reflect on your own life, and see within yourself things that can be taken out of your inner existence that are not serving you but will bring about an area a space an opening in your heart that will shine positivity into you, that you can then shine out into this world.  Use today as an opportunity to remember that inner peace to feel that strongly within yourself all good things, to feel within yourself the joy that you want to see exhibited out in this world find it first within yourself.  And I can guarantee you that it will take, it will change your life by changing the way you feel from the inside which allows you change the way you see the outside.

Use today as an opportunity to open up your heart and shine out the inner peace that you feel, that you are experiencing, that you are learning that you are manifesting in your life and shine that out into a space into a world into this existence that needs it so desperately.  Believe me when I tell you we have to find a way together, and together we can find a way if we begin within, and I will do my part, please work with me and do your part as well.  So that the part that we do together can shine out into this world a new beginning, a new hope, a new joy, a new feeling of peace and an amazing revelation of love, let’s do our part together, let’s work together to bring about inner and outer peace and so it is; Amen and amen, and thank you God for the opportunity to shine your love out into this world, Amen and amen

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