“In Prayer I speak to God, in Meditation I listen for God’s words to me”

In prayer I speak to God, in meditation I listen for God’s words to me. In prayer I speak to God, I tell my Heavenly Father what I need, and what is necessary, and what is appearing and fore-showing in my life, and the feelings that I have during those periods of deep reflection that we spend together. But in meditation as I rest and still my mind, and rest and still my body, waiting for the small voice of you to speak to me that is when the true full circle of this experience is realized.

Prayer, meditation, and then enjoying the experience that has been presented to me, enjoying the information that has been relayed to me, and enjoying the transmittal of information that I relay to you my Father. I love prayer, I provide prayer, I receive prayer, and I live my life always prayerful, full of giving and receiving prayer from others and unto others. And in meditation, I find a period of stillness a time when my mind can just clear itself from all of the day’s activities but still allow me the comforting hum of what is to come.

The words and the wisdom that are relayed to me, allow me to feel comfortable and to feel congruent within myself. Yes, there is for me a circle that surrounds me at all times and it involves prayer and then meditation, and then prayer and meditation without action are not successful. As I ask the Heavenly Father or the Heavenly Spirit or God or Goddess, for this or that to be transpired, to be shone to me in my life, and then I rest in meditation to relinquish myself to hear the response to my request and then from that response, I use my feet, my hands and my mind to then proceed into action that will bring those things forward. Prayer, meditation and action; I am so grateful and so thankful to the Heavenly Spirit, for allowing me to continue to feel, and to continue to seek additional information, and I am a seeker, I know that now. I am a seeker of knowledge of the way, the journey, the way to the Source. In the beginning I didn’t know exactly what that meant. I find myself constantly asking questions, constantly wanting to know, constantly wanting to dig deeper to pull back to see what is there to be seen.

But, by going into prayer and meditation, and by using what I have learned from those great periods of time that I have during my day, I am able to see what action needs, and what action I need to go forward. Yes, as a seeker, as an individual seeking on a quest of knowledge, there’s information that I need to know, and that I must know and the only way to receive that information is to keep seeking, to keep digging, to keep going forward, to keep opening and actualizing, and feeling and seeing, and understanding and deciphering, what is really, what is really my purpose, what is really my mission, what is really my vocation to go forward, a seeker.

The word sounds so mysterious but then it sounds so real, and so close to my heart. I am looking for something that is looking for me; and, as I seek the knowledge that I need to continue on this spiritual journey of my life, that will go on probably forever. I find it so interesting to know that by allowing myself the peace and serenity of prayer, and the restfulness and the vulnerability and the surrender of meditation allows me to continue to seek, it allows me to continue to look forward, to continue to strive toward, to continue to see something that I had not seen before. To see something that I had not seen before, now that is a juicy nugget, a juicy nugget to see something that I had not seen before but to understand and to realize that is needed in my life for whatever reason.

So I say to you today, as you go along your way, spend your time today and spend some time today in prayer, in deep reflective prayer and then combine that with a time of meditation, so that you can hear the answers to your prayers, and then take that information and use the action of your feet, of your hands and your mind to go forward, and by allowing yourself to do that, you are yourself a seeker, a looker for knowledge, a disciple of trying to find what’s around the bend, that is around the way, that will be around your heart. Open up yourself to receive, and you will see for yourself how amazingly beautiful it all is, may the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit wrap you in love and embrace you in all that is good, and all that is pure of heart, so that you may continue to see for yourself a journey that is full of Spirit, full of love, and giving you just what you need, so that you may be full yourself, and so it is, Amen and amen.

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