“If the only prayer you say is thank you God that is enough”

If the only prayer you say is thank you God that is enough, if the only prayer that you say is thank you God that is more than enough.  Many people try to figure out what should they pray?  How should they pray? What should they say when they say a prayer to ask for this or that, or to require this or that to be removed from their lives, what is it that they should say?  The most amazing prayer, the most revealing prayer, the most giving of yourself prayer that you can say to the Heavenly Spirit is thank you God.  Thank you God for all the love that you have poured into my life, thank you God for all the moments that you have given me such peace and understanding, thank you God for each amazing day that I am able to walk this Earth, and to be able to help others who themselves need prayer, need love, need forgiveness.

Thank you God for teaching us all how it feels to be loved, how it feels to know that you are a child of God’s, and how it feels to realize that everything that is here, is here for our betterment, for our betterment.  “Thank you God” those three words very simple, but very powerful; thank you God.  I remember thinking to myself I just wanted to say a prayer.  One day I was in the midst of such excitement, such feeling of overwhelming joy, and I wanted to find a way to express that, I wanted to find a way to share that, I wanted to find a way to be able to impress that feeling into the World.  And the only way I found that made sense to me, that brought clarity to me, was to say thank you God, thank you God, thank you God.

For if I think it, and I see it, and I believe it, it will come to pass.  My thoughts are always amazing visions of the future, visions of what happened in the past, and visions of what is to come in the present.  Thank you God for giving me the foresight to be able to see within myself, and to see within others only good, only good.  Thank you God for allowing me to see them as who they are, as the beautiful magnificent lights, the magnificent expressions that are expressed out into the World because of the love they have for you, they shine so brightly.  We can even see them from the moon, their souls effervescence is shimmering, is shining out, all that they feel and with that feeling they say, thank you God, thank you God, thank you God.

Yes, those three words are the most magnificent prayer you could ever say, you could ever express, that you could ever impress out into the World, thank you God.  And for all these things, for all these amazing things that we realize, that we learn, and that we take inside from day to day because of the goodness that continues to shine into our lives.  For all these things that bring such joy to our hearts, and such joy to our faces as we smile brightly the love that we have for one another, we say thank you God for all these things, we say thank you God for all that you do for us, and thank you God for allowing us to be all that we can be, thank you God, and so it is, Amen and amen, God bless you all.


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