“I will never have this moment again”

I will never have this moment again; I will never have this moment again. Dear Sweet Loving Presence, dear Heavenly Father all I keep hearing in my mind today is don’t change yourself, stay the way you are, don’t change yourself. We are always made to feel that we should change for this or that. We should change our appearance to receive a job, we should change our behavior so that someone could love us, we must change. We must change, change; but the words are don’t change, don’t change yourself from who you are, don’t change yourself, unless you yourself are willing to see the change manifested.

All we have is this moment right here, right now, and this moment will never be the same again. I have decided that I will not change myself for anyone, but I will make improvements if that is needed from the Heavenly Spirit. No, I will not change myself for anyone, but I will look to my Father to tell me, to show me, to let me see for myself if there needs to be improvement. Stay who you are, stay who you are; stay true to your truth, stay true to yourself, stay true to your faith, stay true to you, be who you are. I will never forget when I decided that I needed to conform to change myself, so that I would be more acceptable for a promotion, or for an improvement in my life.

So I wore the clothes that were required to wear, and I wore my hair the way it was required to be or what was told to me that was expected to be and nothing happened, because I was living a life that wasn’t me, and I was projecting out into the World someone that wasn’t me, and I was unhappy because I wasn’t being myself. So what I do now is I lead my life, I lead myself in the direction that I say what needs to be; I am who I am, I am what I am, and I am proud of what I represent to myself and to the World.

Stay the way you are, stand tall for what you project yourself to be, and remember that you will never have this moment ever again. So for this moment, this exact moment in time, show out into the World the amazingly magnificent person that you are. Show out into the World that even though I may not be what you envision me to be I am still amazing, because I have decided, and I have excepted, and I have realized, that I am amazing for myself, and to be honest that is, that is the battle to win.

When you finally realize that you are, who you were meant to be at this exact moment, and at every moment after this you have won the battle. The battle of self-doubt, the battle of contradiction, the battle of not being enough, you have won the battle. Be yourself, stand tall and respect who you are, stand tall and reflect the love of God out from you into the World and be proud of this exact moment. For you will never get this moment back again; but if this moment means so much to you, than it will mean so much to the rest of us as well. This exact moment that you stand tall, is a moment that you will see the presence of God within you, and so it is, and so it is, and so it is, Amen and amen.

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