“I will cherish your love forever”

One of the amazing things I have been noticing about my life lately, is that I cherish the moments that I have with my husband so much. I mean just the fact that I get to spend time with him every day is a blessing, to both of us I am sure; but he truly is to me what I had been looking for and waiting for all my life.  My match, my mate, my beloved, he is all those things for me and to me and more.

As I say this right now, he is preparing himself to be away from me for a total of 4 days, while he works on the Bay Bridge Project in San Francisco, CA; and, what was first going to be a little vacation for the two of us to be together, has now become more of a work project; so unfortunately I will not be able to go with him after all.  But I say all of this because today, when I finally realized that I would have to be cooking for myself and Ramses for these next few days, wow I sure hope I am going to be up to the task, I became just a little shell-shocked to say the least. 

When I think of my beloved, and all that we have been through together; and as we promised each other in the beginning, through thick and thin, and for richer and poorer; it has truly been an experience that we both have learned from, an experience we both have taught from, and one we both have grown from.  He is this amazing Chef that can use his imagination with food, and his love for what food means to him, and from the Heavenly Spirit, and he pulls all of that out of him to make the most magnificent meals to behold.  I only wish I could actually go into a kitchen, and in 30 minutes or less whip up something so amazing that it would make Julia Childs say Good Lord you are amazing.

But that is what our love for each other has impressed out of him, and his love of the Heavenly Spirit has impressed out of him as well.  His greatest joy is to cook on Sunday mornings for our beloved Pastor.  He waits for the stillness of the voice of our Heavenly Father, to give him an idea, a musing, and even an entire recipe to put together to serve on Sunday morning.  I love to watch him in the kitchen whipping up something that he only received word on just that morning, or maybe even late that night before; and then he takes that prompting, and makes it into something that is magnificent to say the least.  What a blessing he is to not only me and my family, but the numerous others that he feeds, and that he loves with the food that he prepares.  I will cherish him and his love for food, and what food means to him forever.

Now my other amazing feeling of just warmth and love comes from my Lord.  I find myself saying to myself what are you doing, what do you truly think that you are doing?  I mean when you began this journey you wanted to be a Pastor, and now you feel that writing, and sending love, and inspiration out into the world is more of what your passion is leading you to; but, you seem to not be sure if that is the way as well.  Well, I was I must admit a little taken aback on Sunday when I did my meditation, and not for the reasons that you may think of, but because I just could not find it within myself to write a meditation on this topic “through the power of the Christ in me, I am forever free”; and when all else fails you go, and pull something from the hip that may not be what you wanted to read, but what can you do.  And that is exactly what happened, I pulled a piece out of my past titled “Christ is in Me”, that I had written and needless to say it was not as theologically correct as it should have been, but what can I say I tried.

And that is what has brought me to this topic today; even though I make mistakes, and, I make huge gigantic mistakes, I am still loved by the Heavenly Spirit, and that love is never-ending, and it is everlasting, and it is forever.  I will be cherished by his love forever, and however, I may turn up into this world, and however my life may seem to others; I will always be a child of God’s, and I will always be seen as a cherished child of His.  I am and will be forever loved by God, and I will love God forever as well.  We are in this together He and I, and that makes me far happier than I could have ever been before.

Because even when I feel that sometimes I am all alone, just figuring this out all by myself, and not truly sure sometimes if I am taking the right road from time to time; what I am sure of at all times, is that I am loved by my Heavenly Father, and, I am cherished by the beloved man that I love, and that I will always love myself; for I would rather make big mistakes in life and have tried to soar, then to not make a mistake at all, and not try at all as well.  May the love of God give you all you need, to be all you are intended and determined to be; and may you allow yourself to make mistakes, so that you may allow yourself to be mistake-proof, when that time arrives as well. God bless you all,

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