“I Want to Give you Your Flowers now”

Oh my golly Miss Molly, do I love the latest album from India Aire called “SongVersation”. If you haven’t heard it, and you are a big India Aire fan you must get it; it is absolutely the most amazing album I have ever heard. There are numerous songs on the album that I love, but the one that I love the most is this one “Flowers”, and when she says “I want to give you your flowers now”. Oh my goodness it just resonates with me how we are always so able to give to others their praise, and their constant praising of how wonderful they were, and how amazing they might have been, but we always wait, and say those wonderful things to people, or show that wonderful respect to others after they have gone and past.

So as a promise to myself, and a promise to all of you, I want to give you your flowers right here and right now. For those of you that have been so amazingly wonderful to me as I left one place of work in my life, to begin a new adventure at another, I want you to know how much your kind words, loving thoughts, and amazing insights have meant so much to me then, and continually show me how much you have always cared for me, and whatever situation I was in at the time.

For those of you that were always there to help me with a financial hook-up, or you were there to impart to me some wisdom, that was so needed at the time, and was much appreciated as it allowed me to go on my journey to continue to be the amazingly positive person that I am, and will always be; I say thank you, thank you, and thank you. Because sometimes when you are in the middle of a financial storm, or just unsure which way is the best way to go, it is always appreciative to speak with someone who made the choice they made in their life for their reason; and, for them to be able to impart upon you what that choice, or that decision meant to them and to their sanity, I thank you.

And then to those individuals that were always not sure if what I was doing in my life was the right thing to do, such as marry the amazing man that I did, and or by deciding to embark on the spiritual journey that I have undertaken; I say to you thank you for your words as well, because had it not been for your apprehension, about what you felt I should have done or not done, is what allowed me to see clearly what needed to be done, and what should be done.

So for all your gifts, words, and works of love that you gave me, that you allowed me to receive from you, and that you felt was the best advice that you could provide at the time, I say to you; let me give you your flowers now, so that you are able to know deep within your heart and your soul, just how much you mean to me, just how much you have always meant to me, and just how much you mean to this World.

Enjoy your flowers today, for you earned them, you deserve them, and thank God you are still here to receive them, with the love and gratitude that they are given to you in. May you continue to be the light that shines forever in my life, and may you continue to be the light that shines out into this World, and into the numerous other lives that you happen to touch on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. Praise be to God, for you deserve this praise today, for all you do, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

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