“I walk through the Paradise of Possibilities within my Mind”

Today’s meditation is inspired by the devotional guide, the Daily Word. The topic for today is Possibilities, and the title of today’s reading is “I walk through the Paradise of Possibilities within my Mind”.  Let’s prepare ourselves for meditation, let’s take a deep breath in, and we let that out, and we take another deep cleansing breath in of Spirit, breathing in all that is pure, all that is positive, all that is a betterment to our lives.  And as we exhale out all that is not necessary, all that is not needed, and all that is not for our betterment as well.  We breathe in again a deep breath and we settle in as we close our eyes if you feel comfortable to do so, and we begin our journey together.

The journey to the paradise of possibilities that resides within our minds; we walk together into the Paradise.  The paradise of knowing that anything that we need, anything that we want, anything that is an inkling of a thought that could bring about positive-ness in our existence is available to us at this time. The paradise of possibilities allows us to realize that there is good and goodness awaiting our arrival at any time.

The paradise of possibilities, and as we continue to walk through this amazing foliage of greenery, of vibrant colors of plants, the flowers of yellow, purple and red shine out to us the amazing colors that are showing vividly in our minds.  The paradise of possibilities allows us to receive the good that we have dreamed for in our minds, allows us to feel the comfort of love that we have been needing and longing for in our lives, and it provides for us the comfort to know that everything that we desire, and everything that we need will be available to us in the paradise of possibilities.

And as we begin to go toward our period of silence, take these words and say them to yourself silently as you affirm “the paradise of possibilities allows me to receive the amazing opportunities to be blessed by the Heavenly Spirit.”  “The paradise of possibilities allows me to be a blessing to myself and to others”.  “The paradise of possibilities allows me to see for myself what has been already revealed within my mind.”  We will remember these words as we go into the silence…….

The paradise of possibilities, as you see yourself receiving the gifts of all that you have longed for, receiving the gifts of all that you have dreamed for, and receiving the gifts manifested to you, remember that you can always access the paradise of possibilities by sitting in the stillness, and breathing deeply, and seeing for yourself what awaits you in this time of thanksgiving.  The paradise of possibilities is but a moments breath away, the paradise of possibilities and so it is. Amen and amen

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