“I Stand in Faith”

Good day Blessed Ones;

I am so excited to speak with you all today, I have been struggling with a head cold, I have been tasked with numerous trials at my place of employment, and to top that off my husband had also been ill during all of this as well. But what I kept finding myself hearing in my mind, as well as feeling in my soul was that “I Stand in Faith”. I stand in faith that any and everything that I am experiencing will be taken away from me and provided in its place an opportunity from the challenge whatever that challenge may be.

I have to say that when you are struggling with any type of health challenge it always allows you to spend much needed time with yourself in solitude and in reflection, and what usually comes out of those reflective times are ideas and thoughts of woe is me, and why is this happening, and such and such. But what I found myself doing as I was allowing myself to mend, and as I was participating in the mending of my beloved were continuous thoughts and prayers of thankfulness. I was thankful that I was experiencing this health challenge only because it meant that I was alive, and that I was able to bounce back and become an even greater expression of the great “I AM” by receiving the healing words and the healing love from my Heavenly Spirit. Wow, what a revelation this past week has been for me and for my family, and as we continue to get stronger and healthier with each breath and each loving spoon of soup that we eat to heal our bodies, we have continually received the love of God as well.

Now in regards to my place of employment, that situation took a little bit more forgiveness on my part, and it also took me to great lengths to ask myself why, why is it, that when you finally decide to give your life, yourself, and your entire being over to the Heavenly Spirit; why should and why do these trials and tribulations continue to happen, and why are you constantly in a fight for your soul, and for your life at this time. And the only word that I could think of was “Forgive”. Forgive those that go out of their way to make your life a storm instead of a bright shiny day, forgive those that feel so threatened by your amazing and magnificent light that shines out from you into this World, because they do not feel or see that within themselves, forgive them all; and once I did that, I no longer felt hurt by man, when I did that, I no longer felt that they had any control over me at all, I just decided that I will stand in faith on this one dear Sweet Spirit.

For when things are so far out of my reach of understanding, I stand in faith and rest assured that the Heavenly Father will provide for me what is needed to get through this and any other situation that needs addressing, for my faith is strong and my God is an amazing Father. For he will continue to provide for me, when there is no one else there to provide for me, my Heavenly Father will see my true heart when others try to tear down the loving spirit that I am, and that I have within my soul; no, I stand in faith and I rest assured that what is needed, and what is necessary in my life to bring me closer to and to allow the Heavenly Spirit to show his majesty in my life will be manifested. I stand in faith today, tomorrow, and forevermore, for I know my Father will protect me, and I know my Father loves me, and I rest assured that what is mine to have, and what is mine to be given, will be given to me by the Heavenly Spirit, and for this revelation, and for this peace that I am experiencing in my life; I say thank you God for all the strength that you have given me to weather any and every storm that comes my way. I say thank you God for the love that you allow me to feel for myself and for those that may not love me or care for me Lord, and for them I will continue to shine out into this World forgiveness; and, I say thank you God, for allowing me to understand just how much my life has been blessed because of my journey, and my walk with You, for I will never worry, for I am protected, and loved, by the Heavenly Spirit, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

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