“I share my blessings with effortless generosity”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; Lord I share my blessings with others.  I share my blessings of love and of all good things with others.  Because to share my blessings, to share the blessings that have been given to me with others allows me to shine a light into their lives as well.  And as I enjoy the light that is shined into my life by you; as I enjoy the things, the blessings, the amazing gifts that are given to me from you; I share that bounty, I share that bountiful blessing effortlessly with others.

I share my blessings effortlessly with others, I share the good that is given to me and I help others to not experience the bad that maybe going their way.  Let me share with you today, let me share with you today the love of the Heavenly Spirit.  Let me share with you today the love of all that is good and pure in this life, let me share with you today.  Let me help you reveal to yourself just what it feels like to see good happening in your life.  Let  me reveal for you today just what it looks like to be a child of God’s and to see everything given to you effortlessly because you are so deserving, let me show you what that looks like.  To look outside on your territory, to look outside on your territory and to know that all this is here for you, all of this is here for you.  To bless you, to be given to you, to shine into your life, to show you who you are, to give you what you deserve, to allow you to be given what you feel, is what is necessary.

No, it doesn’t take a long time to realize that when you share with others, you yourself are being given another blessing.  When you call someone, when you share a beautiful word, when you send out your love to someone be it in prayer or be it in the physical realm it is still a blessing, and thank God we have blessings to share out with each other.  Thank God we have blessings to provide to each other just what it feels like to truly experience Gods’ love in our lives.  So today as you go through your day, as you realize, as you determine, as you understand what it feels like to be given something that is so needed, you will also understand what it feels like to be someone who is so blessed, and by giving to others that blessing effortlessly, and generously, you are doing what you have been taught to do sharing the love of God with others, sharing the love of you with others, sharing love with others and so it is, Amen and amen


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