“I revel in the joy of forgiveness; I revel in the joy of forgiveness”

Dear Heaven Father, Sweet Loving Presence; forgiveness oh forgiveness be it so sweet, I revel in the joy of forgiveness.  When I think about my day today being a Friday, I think about how Fridays should always be called Forgiveness Fridays, Forgiveness Fridays. And the reason why I say that is because there is always something throughout the day, throughout the week, throughout the month that you need to seek forgiveness for either for what you have done or for what has been done to you.  And if we just call every Friday, Forgiveness Friday that just gives us four or possibly five Fridays a month to spend time on just forgiving, forgiving, forgiving.

I love, I love life, I love speaking, I love writing, I love sharing, I love loving, I love forgiveness, I love forgiveness.  This summer I am having the most amazing time that I would ever have and many times I feel a lot of it is because of word forgiveness.  I go into a new place, a new atmosphere, a new surroundings with the pure idea that I am going to enjoy myself and if anything happens that will be to the contrary, I will shine forgiveness at that situation.  And so far it’s been pretty darn amazing, forgiveness allows me to see that not only do I have my missteps and misspeak and misspoke, misunderstandings but we all have an opportunity, we all have a challenge and we all have a period where we need to be forgiven or to forgive others.

So let’s just call it a new holiday, Forgiveness Friday.  On Forgiveness Friday whatever happens we are going to say I forgive you, and for those real real hard touchy and just out of the way malicious things we are going to dig deep into our hearts and give a double dose of forgiveness.  Forgiveness is the most amazing amazing blessing you can give yourself and someone else.  To forgive, to forgive someone, to forgive yourself, to forgive a situation, to forgive an occurrence, to forgive a circumstance, to forgive a wrong, to forgive a hurt heart, to forgive a misunderstanding; to forgive a death, to forgive.

I remember one of the most amazing things that had happened to me was when a gentleman that I work with and he had come to me and he knows I am a very strong woman of faith, and he came to me and he too is a very strong man of faith, but he is of another faith and I will leave it at that.  And he said you know those individuals in South Carolina, you know the Charleston and he said the people are forgiving that man.  The family members are showing him forgiveness I don’t understand.  But as Christians and as children of God and as people we have to see that we must forgive; hate after hate, bigotry after bigotry what does it accomplish?  Love cancels out all hate, and because of the love of the Heavenly Spirit, because of the love of ourselves and because of our love for our fellow man we must find a way to forgive.

Maybe the act of forgiveness will show someone else that this is not the path to take and maybe it’s going to have to happen more so than not this act of forgiveness that we have and that we need to share with each other.  I had the amazing opportunity to listen to the words of a Black History Month Commemoration Speech that was given by Tupac Shakur’s mother Afeni Shakur in the year 2007 at Vanderbilt University.  And she said something that resonated with me so strongly, she didn’t call it forgiveness but what she called it was, we need to stop wasting our lives being mad about things, we need to stop wasting our lives being made about things, but we need to start using our lives to make a difference about things.  So if something doesn’t feel right to you, if something doesn’t seem right to you, then what we do is we need to start where we can make a difference.

Start at our local law councils, start at our city councils, start at school boards, superintendents of schools, start at our legislative processes that we have that start at the ground, at the ground floor so that we can make a difference.  And if you really want to make a difference then seek going into civil rights law, and seek going into some type of legal arena that will allow you to see what you are doing as something more important and impacting more lives than just putting money in your pocket.  I have great admiration for a woman that I admire, who is an environmental lawyer, and she is a water lawyer.  She is so passionate about that, she makes and works to make great strides in changing laws and enforcing laws and legislating laws that give the farmers the impact that they need to be heard, she is an amazing woman.

So when it comes time to being mad or feeling that there is something that you just can’t let loose that is in your claw, it is so deeply ingrained because you are so angry.  Take that and turn that into something that we can use.  First let’s forgive and then take that whatever that was that occurred, whatever that was that happened, whatever that was took your breath away and use that in a way that we can make a difference and change this world.  We have to find a way to forgive, but we also have to find a way to use that fire that comes from the forgiveness and find a way to make sure that whatever it was, whatever it is, whatever it turned out to be that made you so fired up to have to forgive, that it never happens again.

I look forward to using my life in a way that will impact others to love, forgive, hope, heal and see within themselves that blessings can still be given to you it’s not too late, times aren’t too bad that we still can’t see the blessings of the Heavenly Father in our lives.  And that out of every situation, in every situation there is a blessing; we just have to find it.  Sometimes it is more apparent than others and sometimes you have to dig a little deeper through it to find that.

Forgiveness Friday’s I want to start today; join me, join me in finding within your heart something that you can forgive someone, or something that you can forgive yourself about.  Join me take today as a day when you say I will find one thing, heck I’m going to find two things.  No wait a minute I’m going to look at five things that I can forgive someone and myself about and see how that feels within your soul, see what that brings within your body, see how you are then illuminated from that forgiveness that you have received, from that forgiveness that you have given to someone else, from that blessing of forgiveness that shines now into your own heart.

I thank you Father for allowing me to see that it is never too late to forgive.  I thank you Father for allowing me to understand that forgiveness is good for everyone, and I thank you Father for every day we have to move forward together as a unit that is blessing and shining something positive out into this world.  And if you don’t know what it is right now let the Heavenly Father shine his light into your heart, he will help provide you with the answer to that question as he has helped and provided me with mine, and so it is.  Amen and amen.

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