“I love you my Mother”

Good day Blessed Ones;

Wow what a wonderful Mother’s Day I had, and what a wonderful way for us all to celebrate the women, who represented for us the Mother in our lives. I remember sitting in Church yesterday and just thinking fully and wholeheartedly about my Mother who has been passed for some time now, but I can still recall her loving embrace when times were hard and her words stern when I would get out of line and needed remembering who and whose I was.

I remember my Mother always being in the kitchen cooking up something that was needed to nurture our bodies as well as what words of wisdom that were needed to nurture our souls as well. My Mother and I had an amazing relationship, we didn’t always see eye-to-eye on numerous things, but we did see eye-to-eye on one thing and that was that the Heavenly Spirit was very important in our lives, and His love for His children was something that we clung to and found always necessary in our lives.

Yes, my Mother was an amazing woman, and as I sat there in Church reminiscing on the words she would always share with me, and the loving care she would always take as she pressed our clothes, or maybe even brushed and combed our hair, it was always done with so much love, and so much thoughtfulness that it allowed me to cling to those periods when it was just she and I and the love that she expressed in my life and in my heart.

Even though my Mother passed away many many years ago, I can still see her in my mind telling me what was best for me, and what I needed to do in my life. I will never forget the love and the pure caring of my Mother in my life. Just as I am sure you all will never forget the Mother in your lives that was always able to bring about such joy and such love in your existence. I wish for you today, as I wish for myself, that we continue to shine out into this world the type of love and caring that our Mother’s always showed to each of us and that was this “I will always love you, I will always care for you, and I will always wish nothing but the best for you, for you are my baby, and may you always remember who you are to me.

God bless you my Mother, and God bless to all you Mothers and Fathers, who have had to be both parents to their children as well. We as your children will never forget your sacrifice, your love and your determination to provide for us, a life that was at many times better than the life that you yourself had; and to me that is the greatest dedication of love that you could ever give to someone else. God bless you all, and so it is. Amen and amen

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