“I just, I just”

I just, I just.  So the words that are rolling around, swirling around, twirling around, in my mind today are the words, I just.  And first I thought those two words were needing to have another word attached to them like I just want, I just need, I just have, I just found, I just realized, I just imagined, I just understood, I just saw.  But then I thought no it’s not three words it’s just two words, I just.  I just finished feeling feelings that were not necessary.  I just realized that I am all that I am intending to be, and I just found that the Heavenly Spirit loves me as much as he loves all of us; I just.

I just understood that there will be bad days but there will be many days that will be blossoming with the love and the beauty of this life.  And I just found out that even though I sometimes find myself lost, I’m not lost I am just miraculously fallen off the path, but I just found my way back and now I am new again, I just.   I just imagine that when I open my eyes every morning what I will see will be the beauty of this world, the beauty of myself, the beauty of love that I can share with others, I just realized that.

And when I think of all the things that can be attached to those two words I just.  Then I realize how amazing my life can truly be.  Because I can always attach something negative to I just.  I just exploded, I just impeded, I just frustrated, I just hated, I just needed to say something that wasn’t needed to be said.  No I choose to take those two words and add to them things that are positive, things that are reflections of how I feel today and how I intend to feel tomorrow and what I see the future to be.  Because I just opened my eyes and I just opened my heart, and I just realized the love of me that I can share with others, I just.

Find today as an opportunity that you can use those two words and add to those two words something that is positive that will bring about a better movement in your existence.  Take those two words and add to them something that brings joy to your heart because it feels so good to be happy all the time.  I just found joy, I just needed to share that with you, I just felt that a hug was necessary for you today, and I just fell in love with you as I have fallen in love with myself.  Yes use today to add to those two words something that is going to miraculously change your life.  Something that is going to spontaneously express out to the world just what it is that you want to shine out, and something amazingly maneuvered that will bring about some peace and joy to this place.

Because I just realized that I can’t open up my eyes another day, without telling you how much you mean to me.  I just found out that today was a special day to share with the two of us, or the three of us, or the hundreds of us.  And I just want to be there when that light that you shine out into the world shines so brightly that we all see it, and we all feel the love of the Heavenly Father through your words, through your actions, through your being, I just, I just, I just.  I look forward to I just with you; and for these things, for these amazing two words, for these amazing reflections of love, light and all good things, we say thank you Father, I just found myself.  Thank you Heavenly Spirit I just realized that I am loved by you.  And thank you my Holy Father for I just found what I was looking for and when I turned around it was me in the mirror that I saw, thank you my Father, I just realized you were there and have been there all along, God bless you all, for I just and so it is, Amen and amen.

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