I had a Revelation

When I experienced the radio show last night, my friend DJ OneGone said that he needed to speak with me after my spot on the show, there was something that he had to tell me. I was so excited, because what I thought he had to tell me was going to be positive, since I always see positivity in all things and at all times. So I was hoping maybe what he wanted to share with me was some exciting news he wanted to present to me and I was so excited to hear what it was. But, no it wasn’t that but it was still exciting and informative to say the least. What DJ OneGone wanted to express to me was that sometimes when I speak on the radio, people can hear my papers ruffling alittle when I turn the pages; and its not that I haven’t memorized these words, because I have written these words, these are my words, these are my words, I cannot stress that enough, and like all my words I write voluminously; I have so much material that I have written that it is amazing when I look back at what I have written as far back as 2011 some of it is still so relevant to what we are experiencing today.

But I say all of this because when he said to me I received one call, and the caller had said something about it, and then when I received a second call, and they said they loved what you are saying Gerrie, but the ruffling of the papers is just you know you have to find a way to stop that. So I took what he said to me, and I sat back and reflected on it and I pouted for a little bit, I’m not going to lie; I am a human being and as with all human beings we don’t always take constructive criticism correctly or well. So I pouted alittle bit, and I almost wanted to cry because I felt so hurt by this; because you don’t have any idea how hard it is to get on this radio program every night; how I have made the calls into the program from bathrooms, and bridal dressing rooms at the church, and from my car; you know just to be accessible to spread my words out into the world and give encouragement to others, but then I realized that someone was giving me some encouragement, constructively that I needed to hear, so I took that opportunity instead of crying and sulking, and feeling sorry for myself and woe is me, I grabbed my Bible.

Now, I am not going to tell you that the Bible, has always been the first book I grabbed when I have wanted some reflection, or when I wanted some visualization, or when I even wanted some healing; but I needed all of that last night. So I grabbed my Bible, the King James version of the Old Testament, the New Testament and of course Revelations. And inside the Bible there was a section that stated that in order for you to really enjoy your Bible reading experience there are a couple of sections you should read first, they were six chapters: Psalm chapter 22, Isaiah chapter 53, Matthew chapter 27, Mark chapter 13, Luke chapter 23, and John chapter 19, so I went and I read each of these chapters in their entirety from verse to verse; and what I realized is that they all dealt with the suffering of Jesus Christ before and during the crucifixion, I had never read that before. Oh sure I have seen the Easter stories on television about when Jesus the Christ was crucified and how he had risen again, but I had never read the story. So as I read the story I tried to understand how much suffering he must have endured, how hard it must have been for him, how much pain he must have withstood, and I thought to myself now there is no way you can compare any pain that you are experiencing to the pain that Jesus the Christ experienced as he was led through the town to be crucified.

But don’t we all at some time in our lives have a crucifixion; crucifixion when looked at another way; takes away the old and brings forth the new, the reborn, the rejuvenated, the rebirth. So I said to myself, okay so how can I take what I read and turn this into a healing for me? So I continued to read and read, and then all of a sudden what I was experiencing, the pain that I was feeling, the suffering that I thought was so relevant faded away. Because I felt I was actually there, feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling the words that I was reading from the Bible; that’s what writing is all about, sending you back to the time to when the story is being foretold, giving you all of the sensations and giving you all the realizations that this is actually happening right here and right now. I began to feel the suffering that Jesus the Christ was feeling, I began to experience the pain that he was feeling, the massive pain he must have felt when they put that crown of thorns on his head, and how many times did they strip him of his clothing, how many times was he stripped of his-self.

So I thought to myself that you could be a baby, and cry and not understand why, why, why, why, why me; why after all that I have tried to do why, or you could sit back and you could find within yourself the reasons why. And the answers to what you can do to be better, what can you do, how can you present the message better, how can you present the gift that you were given, don’t think that because someone has given you some feedback, that someone has given you some constructive criticism that its over. Because isn’t that the first thing that we want to do, we want to say that you know what maybe I don’t have this thing, you know what maybe this thing isn’t for me; and you know what I say to that, I say to that you have a gift, you have the love of God in your heart, and yes there is always room for improvement in everything that we do. For we are always growing, and evolving into that masterpiece that is really who we are to be; take what is given to you, take what is told to you, and when you begin to realize this; take each and every situation as an opportunity to see something important, something relevant, and something necessary in your life.

Yes, when I looked at myself, I didn’t need to hear the recording that my friend so graciously sent to me to hear. No, I didn’t need to hear the recording to have further documentation or further relevant material to let me know that I needed to do to improve on this. See as human beings we need to realize that even though we strive for perfection, excellence sometimes is there as well guiding, walking closely behind perfection. So it isn’t the words that people are saying they are unhappy with, people aren’t saying they don’t feel the relevancy of what I am saying, the longing and the warmth of the Spirit that I am relaying, and they are loving the joy and the messages of hope that I am saying as well, they hear all that. What they are saying is they also hear the other things, and it is those other things that they don’t want to hear.

So as I finished reading the Bible and those six chapter passages about Jesus the Christ , and as I visually walked with him as he went through his suffering, I found that he suffered for us, he suffered for all of us; there is no amount of suffering that I will ever have in my life that will amount to what he endured. So here are two things that I want to stress at this time, the first thing is that as a woman of God, whenever I feel I need clarification, and I need comfort, I now turn to my Bible and that is a Good thing. And the second thing that I learned was by being a child of God’s and by seeing things only positively and seeing things only as ways and avenues to which to change and improve myself, I took this constructive criticism to heart, and I learned that we can all be better than we are, we can make improvements to what we do, we can all be better at what we give to others. So that is my testimony today; that my message will always be the same, that my message will always be of love, my message will always be of hope and inspiration, and my message will always be there to benefit the world and to benefit myself.

And, that the relaying of that message is given out in excellence, and that the message that is relayed to the people, is one that is so tight, is one that is so perfect, and perfectly relayed, transmitted, and disseminated, to the audience that hear my words so that they will realize that yes, I may not be perfect, but I am far more excellent today than I had been yesterday. Yes, I may not be perfect, but with the love of God, and the words of God in my heart, and through my eyes, and visualized in my minds eye; I am always open to correcting what needs to be worked on. I am always open to the constructive criticism of others, and I am always open to the constructive criticism of myself; no I may not be perfect, but because of you, and because of God, and because of the words of the heavenly Spirit we are going to work on this, we are going to make this better, and we are going to make this perfection, and for this and so much more I say in thanksgiving, I thank you God, I thank you God, I thank you God, and so it is, for it can not be otherwise, praise be to God , and God bless you all.

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