“I give thanks for you”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence, every day you bring into my existence loving and caring individuals that I can now say are my family and because of that I give thanks for them being in my life.  I see all people and all faiths of people as a way to share with them and with each other their uniqueness as well as sharing with them my own uniqueness as well.  We are all God’s children, and to me as it is with our Heavenly Father, it does not matter what you call Him as long as you call Him into your life, and as long as you bring with you out into the World the love of Him into those places.

I am so glad that I am continuing to see in my own life the closeness that I am experiencing with God, and the closeness that others who feel that light in their life are becoming in my life.  As Jesus the Wayshower showed us in His own life, we are to love one another, we are to love all of our Brothers and Sisters no matter who they call themselves for they are and will always be children of the Most High.  We need to and we must continue to, see ourselves as souls that are on this amazing journey together so that we may work together to save this planet, to save each other, and to save ourselves.  Only can we all then be free, because we see freedom as a way to bring to each of us the solution of love into this World.

I give thanks for you in my life, I give thanks for the amazing love that I feel in my heart for each and every one of you, and I give thanks to the Heavenly Spirit, for allowing me to continue to grow, to continue to shine out into this World His light, and to continue to see that alone we are just that, but together, together we are strong, we are mighty and we are the saviors for each other that our Lord God is for each of us.  As we begin this amazing time of thankfulness, and this amazing period of being grateful for what we have and for whose we are.  I want to say again so you all can hear me, I am thankful for you in my life, I am grateful for your existence in this World, and I am so appreciative that you, the amazing blessed child of God that you are, that you are a Sister and Brother of faith with me on this journey.  May we continue to see for each other, what the Heavenly Father sees for us all, and that is love for one another, love for oneself, and love for this planet Earth and so it is.  God bless you all,



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