“I give Praise”

I give praise, I give praise.  I thank you Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence for the day that you have allowed me to begin with.  The participation once again on the Gratitude phone call, the gratefulness of the opportunity to share with numerous others my blessings, the things I am thankful for, the things that I love in my life, and the things that I am so appreciative for.  It is truly in praise and it is in gratefulness that I say these things.

Dear Heavenly Father I realize that I am and you are who are the two most important people in my life.  I am important to myself because I see myself changing,  I see myself re-arranging, I see myself advancing, I see myself soaring, I see myself finally satisfied with the road that I am on, with the expectation that I am looking forward to receiving, and for the love that is engulfing and embracing me in my life.  I am so thankful God for you, for your son the Way Shower Jesus Christ, who is showing me daily how to be a person with love, with compassion, with understanding, and shining that out into the World for all to see how it is possible to live your life with dignity, with respect and with love.

Oh God this has been such an amazing year and it is only the 28th day of January, the 28th day and I have learned so much within this little period of time that I am looking forward to, and excited about what else is there to learn.  My goodness every day something is understood and manifested, something is brought to clarity and cleared, something is revealed and shown, something is given and received.

I thank you God for allowing me to see for myself how amazingly grateful I am and should be for all that is given to me in my life.  And I thank you God for allowing me to give praise, allowing me to say thank you, allowing me to feel appreciation, allowing me to see satisfaction, when you decide to lead your life with the earnest resolve that everything that is happening and everything that is reflected in your life is because of the Heavenly Spirit and you are grateful.

Yes, I thank you my Father for all that is here, all that is on its way, and all that has materialized it is a blessing, and I am grateful for that; and as I begin my day with feelings of gratefulness, with thoughts and verbalization’s of praise, the only thing that can say it even more clearer than how I have said it already is to say, thank you God, thank you God, thank you God, and so it is, Amen and amen

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