“I Give my Life to You”

Dear Heavenly Father, blessed are we who have found peace and love, in your loving arms as we walk this Earth of man. We rejoice in the knowing that all this is here for us, and to be given to us, was first a thought and a dream of yours dear Sweet Spirit. For had we not been given the kingdom of your words, we would not have known just what was needed in our lives to be a better person in the eyes of you our Sweet Heavenly Spirit.

I see now that all that is here for me to receive, is first here to be given to me as a way of showing me that I have not been forsaken, I have not been allowed to walk this road alone. I walk this road of life with you my Heavenly Spirit, and it is because of you that all that I am, and all that I have is so appreciated, so lovingly given to me, and so blessed is the prosperity that has come into my life because of you my dear Sweet Spirit.

Allow me to continue to feel your love for me in my life, allow me to continue to see the blessings that you, and only you can provide for me in this realm; and dear Sweet Spirit, allow me to remember now and always that what was once just a thought in the mindful stream of the Universe, is now what it was truly meant to be and that is a body that the Heavenly Spirit has allowed to be blessed, to be loved, and to be given everlasting life. For all this and so much more we say, thank you God for all the blessings, thank you God for all the love, and thank you God, for the dream that is now my world, that is now my life, that is now my reality, and so it is, Amen and amen. God bless you all

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