“I behold the best in people and see them through the eyes of love”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence, I behold the best in people and see them through the eyes of love. When I look at individual souls, individual beings, individual human beings in this way then I greet them with what I receive from the Heavenly Spirit.  I greet them with love, I greet them with kindness, I greet them with the awakened mind that we are all children of God’s.  I see the best in them because that is what I choose to see when I open my eyes every single day.  I choose to see the best in folks, I choose to see the best in individuals and I choose to see the best in those who may not even choose to see the best in themselves.

I see them as a child of God’s I see them as a soul learning and finding their way just as I; and I see them as someone that should be forgiven if forgiveness is needed in our relationship with each other.  On my journey I have found that forgiveness is one of the most expressive, expressive gifts that I could give to someone else.  The fact that I could forgive you for what you have done to me, for what you have said to me, for what you have done to yourself, is because God forgives so I must forgive you.  When I see the best in you, when I see you as a living loving soul of the Heavenly Spirits I must forgive you and forgiveness is not just for you, it is for both of us.

Forgiveness allows me to free myself of any anger or any feeling of inadequacy that may have been thrown on me that I may have allowed myself to wear.  I forgive myself more times than I may forgive anyone else because I want myself to understand, and I want me to understand that I am a shining light of the Heavenly Spirits, and I cannot be what I was meant to be nor can I be who I am at this exact moment if I do not see the good and the goodness in everyone that I meet; and if I do not forgive those of what may have even felt unforgivable.  I see the good in all and I forgive.  I had an opportunity to really work with this particular tool in my tool box a couple of weeks ago, an individual who I had thought was a friend of mine, who I had deemed as a loving being in my life, who I had sought as the answer to my prayers hurt me deeply, hurt me deeply; and even though I was hurt to the core of my being it is my way to forgive, and to work on forgetting what may have happened.

I may never truly be able to forget, but by being able to allow myself to see that individual as a child of God’s, and by being a child of God’s you are forgiven as many times as it is needed, so that I can look at you again with the eyes of love and the eyes of all that is good that I see within you.  This is not the first time someone has hurt me nor will it be the last time that someone disappoints me.  But what will be the last time will be the anger, the dissatisfaction and the discord, those feelings will no longer be associated with that individual because I see that individual as I see myself as a child of God’s and by being a child of God’s I must love them because I love myself, and as a child of God’s we are and will always be connected to each other.

By forgiving, by seeing only the best in someone, by awakening to the ideal to the idea that each and every one of us are children of the Most High.  By seeing that by understanding that than I can understand that you are my brother, or you are my sister and by being that by being a brother and a sister of mine in humanity I forgive you for whatever it is that you need to be forgiven for.  For I cannot walk the days of my life, nor can I walk the path of my Spiritual journey holding on to something that is not going to benefit me because of something that has happened to me.  I only want to receive and to understand and to accept into my existence things that will bring about love into my life.  By forgiving someone, by forgiving you, by forgiving them, by forgiving him, by forgiving her, I’m allowing that love to be brought into my existence.

So today as you go along your way, as you continue and fully embrace your day, remember that we see the best in everyone and because of that we love them, we bless them, we pray for them and we forgive them. For by forgiving them, by allowing them to be given the taste of the sweet elixir of forgiveness they are then allowed, allowing themselves to see themselves, to remember themselves, to find within themselves the good that they project and they should project out into the world.  May you find for yourself reasons to shine your light into the existence of someone who needs to be forgiven.  May you see them in the best light possible so that you can love them with all your heart, and isn’t that what the Heavenly Father and our brother Jesus the Way Shower wants for all of us.

To see each other for the best and the good that we are, to love each other as the children and the brothers and sisters that we are, and to see only good.  For it allows only good to be manifested into our existence, into our lives and into our hearts.  I see for you today a blessed existence, I see for all of you today the goodness that you require and I thank you God today and every day for allowing me to see, for allowing me to see only the good, only the best, only the love, and so it is, amen and amen

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