“I AM that I AM”

Good day Blessed Ones;

I understand it can be hard at times to be on a constant uplifted feeling in your life; to keep yourself positive and uplifted at all times; and to keep yourself in the true knowing of who and whose you are at all times as well. I find myself on occasion wondering who am I to be today. Am I to be that dreamer that sees the world as just one big happy mass of all Good and all God? Or am I to be the constant reminder of God’s Good that many people need to hear, because what they may be experiencing at this exact time, and this exact moment, may not be what they feel is Good, for them and theirs at this time.

Let me share with you today, that what I see for myself is that I am a child of God’s every day and in each and every way. So when I heard this amazing statement today while live streaming a church service from the United Palace Cathedral; I just had to include this in my words of hope, love, joy and faith, to all of you this morning, since I needed a refill of all that is good and great from the Lord for myself as well. I said to myself “I Am that I Am”, and then I thought to myself what really does that mean. When this verse was stated in the scriptures in Exodus 3:14, it was said in this manner. “And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM; and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.”

God is the great I AM in my life, and because of this I AM that I AM because of Him, because of my loving Him and because the great I AM is within me. Now, to say another way, God is in me and within me at all times, always, and in all ways; and because of this that is how I see myself in all situations. I see myself as the I AM that is saved and here to save others, I see myself as the I AM that is rich and has riches to share with others, and I see myself as the I AM that is here to be of service to the Great I AM, and by doing that, by being all that I can be, so that I AM all that I AM; this allows me to once again understand fully and completely that my journey here is not one that is to be made easy all the time. No, not at all, but the way that I receive the journey, and the way that I receive the blessings, continue to show me and all that will see me that I AM THAT I AM. I am a child of God’s and because of that I am blessed, and because of that I am so grateful, and because of that, I am continuously loved and cared for by the love and light of God.

Yes, I AM THAT I AM; and I thank you my Lord and Savior, for continuing to show me this life that I have is so beautiful, that this life that I am living is so very relevant, and that this life that I am living is one that brings beauty and love to this place; for all that I am given, and all that is given to me to give to others, I say to you my dear Heavenly Spirit, I AM THAT I AM, because of you, I AM THAT I AM, because of your love and grace for me my Father, and I AM THAT I AM, because I could not be anything other than your child my Father; a child of God’s and, for all this and so much more we say and so it is, Amen and amen. God bless you all,

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