“I am that, I am”

Good day Blessed Ones;

Wow, have I had an amazing week this week; and as we continue to count down to Christmas and to the end of this amazing year as well, I was provided with one of the greatest job interviews I have ever had.  Let me explain, I realized that I needed to spend some time with my true employer, the Heavenly Spirit, you know just sitting in the silence and waiting for that soft still voice to speak to me, and to allow me to realize that once again I am His child and He is my Father.

So as I took a walk to my favorite place to spend my lunch hour, that little church down the street and around the corner from my job, I believe it’s called Our Lady of Guadalupe on “T” Street.  I decided that on this day, I was going to have my job interview with God.  Which means that I was going to interview with the Heavenly Father on the type of job that I was looking to have and to discuss with Him my qualifications and attributes as well?   I thought this should be really interesting I have never prayed or spoken with God in this way, but I feel there is definitely much that needs to be said and hopefully much will be learned as well.

I began the interview by saying, Hello Heavenly Father, I am interested in a job with you my Lord that allows me to write; and then as if on que I heard the words “but you are already a writer”. And I am also seeking duties which would allow me to be a speaker to a large group or groups of people.  Then I heard “you are already a speaker to the masses of individuals that hear you”. Okay I feel this interview is interesting but let me go on, and I also want to be a spiritually inspiring individual who will motivate and inspire others to be all that they can and will be.  Then I heard“you are already inspiring others with your words, with our words and you are already motivating others to be even more than they can be or more than they see themselves to be already”.

Well, then I said to myself and the Heavenly Spirit, then I am confused, because if I am already all of these things, and if I am already doing all of these things than why I am looking for a job to give me these duties, which is when I heard “why are you?  Why are you looking for a job to give you the duties that I have already given you to give to the world?  Why are you looking for validation from others on what your performance of these duties are when I have already qualified you for these duties and these attributes that you are sharing with the world?  Why do you feel that you are not what I have told you that you are?  Why is this, do you know why this is?”

And the only answer I could give the Heavenly Father at that time and the only answer I can ever give myself is that I felt unsure, I felt that I was not enough.  But all along I have been enough, all along I have been gifted to do what God has wanted me to do.  I have been gifted to do what God has asked me to do and all along I have been enough in God’s eyes to go forward, to move onward, to be what I am destined to be.  The only person who didn’t get it, the only person who didn’t know it and the only person who can’t seem to grasp the idea is myself.  Within me, and within us all, are all we need to be what God has deemed and has seen for us to be and become.

There is nothing more that we need to learn, there is nothing more that we need to do but to hold fast to what we have already been given, to hold fast to what God has already deemed we are to be, and to be confident that God knew and knows what He is doing and who He is doing it for.  I am what, I am and God has made me what I am so that I will never have to forget what and who, and whose I am ever again.  I am a magnificent expression of His and because of that I am all that He sees me to be and I am all that I now see myself being because of Him in my life.

Let today be the day that you see for yourself very clearly who and what you are.  Let today be the day that you see yourself the way God sees you and that is complete, and ready for the next step that God and you have to look forward to together.  Let today and everyday be the time when you show within yourself the strongest amount of confidence that you are all that you were meant to be, and you are just what God meant you to be as well.  May this Christmas and this up and coming New Year provide for you and your family all the dreams that you wished for yourselves to be realized right here and right now, because you all are already the dream that you have wanted to see manifested and the manifestation is right before your very eyes, and so it is.  God bless you all,

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