I am so proud of you, every day you find a new way to see the Good in your life in every situation that arises. Every day you see the positiveness of everything that happens or has happened in your life. Now, this was not always the case, there was many times in your life when you felt woe is me, and why is this happening to me? But then something miraculous happened, something you didn’t even expect to see on your radar happened, and that was that you began to believe, you began to believe, that what is within your control, you will control, but many times what happens is beyond your control, and because of that you will let God handle that and those times.

I am so proud of you, I am so proud of you because you decided that you were going to be a victor and not a victim, you decided that you were going to be a champion and not a failure, and you decided that you were going to see life as all Good, and not the way others want you to see life to be. So you look at the glass that you have been given as full and overflowing, and you look at your life as being full and overflowing as well. You have decided to take the high road, to see beyond the appearances, and to see all that God has given you, and has wanted you to see for yourself.

I am so proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself; for there was a time when you could not even fathom a thought that was positive. There was a time where you thought that everything that could possibly go wrong, would go wrong in your life and for you, but then something happened, something amazing happened, and that is called faith. To believe in something bigger and more than yourself; faith, to know that in the end everything is going to be all right; faith, for all in this house see nothing but Good, and because of that you should be proud of yourself.

You should feel that you have won the golden ring, that you were given the gold star, and that you have received the mark of excellence; that should show unto this world, that you see your world as all Good and all God’s. So, be proud of yourself, because what you accomplished was not an easy feat to do; what you accomplished to change your mind, to take the steps to say I see positivity in my life, and because of that God, I am blessed, I am thankful, and I am free. So wherever, and whenever those thoughts of negativity, whenever those thoughts of non-positiveness, begin to creep back into your mind, tell yourself this; I am so proud of you, you are so amazing, and I see you doing God’s work. I am so proud of you; and you continue always to be proud of yourself, because that is the way our Heavenly Father sees you, as a beautiful beautiful bright star that shines out into this world, and He is so proud of you. God bless you all,

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