“I am Grateful”

Lord, I am grateful and I am thankful, for the life that you have given me, and I am thankful God for the gifts that you have bestowed upon me; and I am grateful Lord just for breathing every day. The passion that you have ignited in my soul, the words that you allow me to express in my medium of artistic joy, the love that you have allowed me to feel in my heart and to be touched by as well, Lord I am grateful, I am grateful. With much given comes much responsibility, and with much giving of the gift; the gift that is awakening in each and every one of us dear Lord comes much responsibility to pass that gift on to others who can be touched, who can be helped, and who can be loved by the gift of your words, the gift of your life, the gift of your existence.

Thank you for the gift of my life; I have been awakened, and I have found that through my prayers, through my meditations, and through this amazing new journey of raw foods that I am experiencing, my mind has become so much clearer, and I have become a witness to thoughts that I would have never experienced before. The thought of your too strong willed sometimes, sometimes your personality is one that is so strong; you can still be dynamic but softer, put a softness on it. Well I’m not going to seat here and say that I am not the bull in the china store, because I am a straight ahead full force of passion; I am at times the dynamo in the dynamite; but as I am beginning to see, I can still be that, but softer. I want to be a softer passionate voice, I want to be a softer force for Good, I want to be a softer blade of grass.

There is nothing wrong with being who you are, and there is nothing wrong with expressing yourself passionately as well; but, all passion can still be delivered softly, and as I work on myself with this gift that I have, the full force of passion that is ignited within my soul, and as I blaze through this path to provide Good into the World; I also need to understand that it can be done softly, as well as forcibly; and, as I work on myself by understanding how the soft hand can provide the same relief as a strong palm, as it massages the words and the messages into my heart and into the hearts of others.

I say to myself today that I am grateful, to be able to look at myself, and to see that there is still improvement needed. I am grateful to be able to see within myself all the Good things, and the love of God, and I am grateful to be able to understand that with a loving heart and a passionate spirit, the World can still be changed by the gentle musings of a soft spoken word. Thank you God for giving me the passion that I have in my soul, thank you God for giving me the love that I have in my soul as well, and thank you God for allowing me to see for myself, that with each and every great masterpiece that you bestow upon this earth, there is still work to be done on the finished pieces; and, I am so glad that I see within myself what I need to work on and improve, so that I can continue to shine out into this World, a light of masterful beauty, a light of illuminating pleasantry, and a light of faithful servantry, to you my Father, and to you all, and so it is, amen and amen

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