“I am an inspiring presence of peace and kindness”

I am an inspiring presence of peace and kindness, I am an inspiring presence of peace and kindness; that is what I took away from today when I read today’s “Daily Word”, the inspirational devotional that I read every morning before I begin my day.  What a beautiful beautiful act of positivity that is, to be an inspiring presence of peace and kindness.  To be an inspiring presence of anything that brings about positivity in this world is something to be admired and it is something to strive toward.

I think of all the times in my life, this exact moment, this exact second, I am excited, I am positive and I am looking forward to a glorious unfolding of a day that will be not only picture-perfect but will be captivating to all of my senses as well.  I am an inspiring presence toward peace and kindness; and just because I feel at this exact moment, at this exact time, at this exact millisecond that all is well.  And in reality to me all is well no matter what I felt a moment ago, no matter what I felt an hour ago, no matter what I experienced a day ago, this time, this moment, this second feels extremely great to me.

I want to begin my days every day like this, I want to first put into my mind an intention of good and goodness I’d like to see manifested throughout my day.  And then I want to think about all the things that I have to be grateful for people places and things and then I want to just sit back and take a good deep cleansing breath and just hear the body going through the motions that it does when it takes a breath of air.  A long lingering breath of air what does it feel like? How does it explode inside the body?  A breath of fresh air that is what an inspiring presence of peace and kindness brings to the world as well.

It brings to the world this excitement of bursting of air that when it surrounds you it brings about great and loving thoughts as it engulfs you and embraces you with all the goodness that is yours to receive.  It also allows you to share that goodness with others, by continuing to breathe in and the letting out of that air from your lungs.  Let’s look at a way that we can bring about an inspiring moment to someone else.  Let’s breathe in with the intention that all we see today as being positive and positively amazing, positively inspiring, positively loving to us and to each other and lets exhale out of our lungs that air of intention so that everyone we meet gets a little bit of that air boost as well.  What a wonderful thought it is to have, what a wonderful day it is to receive, what a wonderful life it is to lead, and so it is, Amen and amen

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