“I am a vessel full of power, and I am a treasure from the Lord, so saith the Heavenly Spirit, so saith the Heavenly Spirit”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence, Lord you bring such joy to my heart, you bring such joy to my soul, you allow me to be who I am and I am so grateful for the love of you in my life.  I would never ever have thought that I needed to be anything other than what I am, for you give me a life full of such glory.  And the glory is yours my Father as I am a vessel full of power, and I am a treasure from the Lord, I am a treasure from the Heavenly Spirit.  What does that feel like to say to yourself that you are a vessel to the Lord; your life, your body, your dreams, your visions are all centered around the Heavenly Spirit and bringing about love peace joy and all good things to the world thank you Father, thank you Father.

Lord I’m excited, I’m excited my Father because I’ve turned the corner Lord; I’ve turned the corner from despair and discontent, and I now am around the way to joyously feeling all the love of you, I am so grateful my Father.  Because I am a vessel for the Lord, I want to be used I want to be taken away, swept away with your love in my life, I want to feel it my Father, I want to feel it. Now when it comes to what is the problem, what is the issue, the issue is I love you; the issue is I love you; the issue is I love you.  And I thank you God for loving me, and allowing me to love others, and allowing me to see your love work in my life, hallelujah, hallelujah.  Oh, Sweet Heavenly Father, hallelujah.

Oh I have so many people that have prayed for me, so many people keep prayer in their minds for me Lord, and I feel their love, I feel it right now, I feel it God, I feel their love, I feel their strength, I feel their prayers of strength that they are sending my way.  Because I am a vessel for the Lord, and I am a treasure that I find from God, I am never going to forget that nor will I ever put that aside that is who I am.  Oh, what a blessing it is to know once again that you are loved by the Heavenly Spirit.  What a blessing it is to know for once and for all that you are blessed by the Heavenly Spirit.

Oh my God, If I know nothing else the rest of my life, the fact that I know that I am loved by the Heavenly Father that is enough. I am rich with that love, I am prosperous with that feeling and I am excited with that exclamation. I say thank you God for all the blessings oh thank you God for the sharing of one person of faith to another and thank you God for allowing me, to see, to feel, to love and to hear your words, to hear your words.  “I will heal your life with love, I will heal your circumstances with love, “I will heal your world, your global existence with love, love is the total answer to the equation”.

And as we get passed moving amongst each other without the inkling of love in our hearts, we must come back around and tell each other once and for all I love you, you are my love, you are a child of His and because of that I love you.  We may not see eye to eye, we may not even know each other but I say to you I love you, because you are a vessel of God’s, you are a treasure of the Lord’s.  Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, and so it is, Amen and amen, thank you Father, thank you

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