“I am a Part of the very Soil that I Tread”

So yesterday’s “Daily Word” topic was “God is at work in Me”. And as I read the Daily Word there was one sentence of many that really kind of jumped out at me from the page. The sentence was “I am a part of the very soil that I tread.” Let me repeat that again, “I am a part of the very soil that I tread.” So powerful; so what I came away with from this passage was that even though I walk on this Earth, and make my way toward all that is Good and Good for me, I am and will always be connected to the very soil that is beneath my feet.

I will always feel connected to Mother Earth, for as a child of God’s we came from soil, and we will be released back into the soil as well when this life we have is over. How does that make you feel to know that the very ground that you walk upon has been laced with the numerous lives and souls of others that have paved this way for you and I? We are here, and at this station or stature of our lives because others have paved, cleared, and set aside, this way for us.

I will never forget what sacrifice others made for me in order for me to be who and whose I am. I am the resolved outcome of all that was done on my behalf, and on the behalf of my ancestors; and, my Heavenly Father that has evolved me into what I am today. I read, I write, and I proclaim out into the world that I am all that I am because of all of us, because of all of you, and because of God. Let’s never ever forget that what we are Spiritual beings, experiencing this Earthly experience, that we are not here by mistake, that what we see manifested within our lifetime is just by chance, is just by coincidence, and or just by luck.

No, we are here for a purpose, you are here to bring about something positive and Good into this world; and if you did not realize that before, then I am so glad I was able to enlighten you to that truth about yourself. You are the Queen or King that has been sent here to make a difference, to make the world better, to make a mark that will last a lifetime and beyond. See for yourself that life though for some it seems so long and unnecessary; but for others that have found the light of God within themselves, for those others that have realized that they walk the ground of this Earth as divine spirits that are children of God’s, that for those of us that see each and every day of our existence as what we can do, and what we can express out into this world, that will be of service to others.

I say thank you God for allowing us to see ourselves for who we truly are, I say thank you God, for showing us on a daily basis that we are supreme and divine in our own right; and I say thank you God, for as the soil beneath my feet allows me to feel the love of all those that have come before me, the love of you my Heavenly Father, shows me just what you have always saw me to be, and that is something Good, something pure, and something truly divine. Thank you God, and God bless you all,

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